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Imber Ranges Open


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Nicked from another site:


1. Notice is given that only the roads from:

a. Warminster to Gore Cross via Imber, and

b. Bratton to Heytesbury via Imber

will be open to the public from 1200 hrs Fri 22nd December 2006 through to 0800 hrs 2nd January 2007.


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Mmm, could be part of the route for a "treasure hunt"

Probably still have the record for the quickest speed along the American striate, coming up out the village

Anyone want to guess what ??

I may :rolleyes: have got into three figures on more than one occasion when travelling to and from work during the open times in August last year and the year before........

Gets a bit interesting in the winter with all the wet mud on the road if you're in a LR - four wheel drifts anyone :blink:

My guess: 130, with a LR driving warden trying to keep up :lol:

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