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broken crankshaft


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hi ,my defender tdi 300 has broke it's crankshaft .somehow even though the engine was good till that moment ,the oil pressure and the heat gauge didn't show any truble ,there was oil as should be and for unsolved qeustion ,while I was driving the car , the engine became noisy,I didn't pushed my luck and tow it to a garage for inspection.then we found out the the crankshaft is cracked and fortunatly I stoped the car just in time..

I would like to know your'e opinion if it's a common problem ? (cast crankshaft).the engine clocked about 330000 km.is it possible that it will break in sudden ? till that moment there was no sign of problem.


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330 000km isn't star ship mileage that is only 196k miles or 60 more than mine has done and far less than Westerns has covered.

and I doubt Mr Land Rover would be interested in any TDI issues these days unless yours is a rest of the world spec late version like Bogmonsters.

all European ones are at least 8years old now days.

BTW Diesel Jim had a snapped crankshaft IIRC

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I've heard of a couple of broken cranks although I've never seen one first hand. Its unusual but not unheard of.

I have seen a few and heard of a few more over here. This and the common cracked cylinder head problem, Timing belt failures etc etc has convinced me to go Japanese when my old 2 1/4 petrol finally bites the dust.


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