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Oil Pressure Sender


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My early 3.5 has three wires travelling forward to the oil filter area. One is the oil temp sender, what are the other two. One plugs into this pot shaped cylinder thing - looks like a squarer version of a vacuum unit? The other wire goes god knows where.

I've got the temp sender wire hooked up - pretty straight forward but the other two wires are a mystery. Haynes isn't much help.

I'd love my pressure guage to work with the 3.9 - what do I need to do?

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The one that's screwed into the filter head body is oil pressure sender for the dash warning light.

the pot shaped thing could be the pressure transmitter for a pressure gauge, the other sender is probaly for the oil temp gauge.

have a look my 200TDi oil pressure & oil temp transmitters do yours look like those :unsure: ? just click on the picture to make it larger :i-m_so_happy:

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guys, sweet info... thats perfect and yeah the 'pot' type thingy is akin to your Disco one Western. So thats the pressure guage sender. That (along with the light sender) is what the late lump doesn't have.

Is it swoppable over?

Oh and my pressure sender has two contacts on it but only one ever had anything plugged into it. The pressure guage worked fine but the temp guage never worked? Could the second contact be a built in temp sender?

Oh just realised I have a pic.... of both early and late filter housings

See in the second pic theres a boltjust over the temp sender wire, right on the edge of the housing - could either of the 'extra' early senders that aren't on the later car be offered up there?



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I've got some sort of the same problem, bought a set of aftermarket gauges (oil pressure&temp) for my '86 carb. V8 but haven't got a clue where to put them... (the sender units that is).

You managed to put them installed? Where did you put them? Got any pictures..? I've got the original sender for the dashboard warning light in place in the engine bay, but need place for both temperature and pressure sender units, are there any 'free' outputs I can use?


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just to note that thats a different housing then - well certainly then whats on my 1990 EFI, theres another seperate collar between the main housing and the filter that has the unions for the oil pump.

But I suppose it's the main housing that counts.

The housing on my '73 3.5 is almost directly comparable to the '90 unit - so I've literally mirrored one to the other. But that places the pressure sender at the right red arrow position :unsure:

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