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GKN Overdrive

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Just in case anyone else is interested in this. I'm after an O/D so I looked into it.

I called GKN with the serial number. It's a "very old model" that you can't get the output gear for any more so you must replace the whole output end at just over £200. The speed sensor is £50 and the seals are a quid each.

So essentially its £250+ to get the thing ready for a 1.4:1 transfer box...and then it may still be on its way out.... god knows what it reaches in the auction on top of that.

they appear to be like hens teeth......


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Do you find the O/D a great advantage with the Tdi?

Did you change the transfer box / high range gears when you junked the 19J?


OD makes long journey's quieter, it drop the revs by about 600 at 60mph, transfer gears are exactly as per the old 19J engine, no change from a factory built 200Tdi, main gearbox has same ratio's too.

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