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A different tyre problem

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Afternoon all.

This is I hope a bit of a different question to all the other What Size / What Tyres questions.

I want to replace my slightly rusting modulars. And as the tyres they are shod with are getting a bit long in the tooth i think I'll look for a wheel/tyre combination set once winter is out.

I now have silver modulars with BFG Trac Edge 235/85 R16 tyres - these look a lot like Insa Turbo Dakar tyres.

The reason this is a different question is my Landy has done less than 2000miles a year for the last few years and I don't see that changing.

She is mainly used for running the trailer to the tip and occasional drives into work in the city (I'm in her today)

Though I do like to go and play offroad somewhere in the mud once a year if I get the chance.

Don't get me wrong, She isn't a garage queen or a rusty tip. I absolutely love the Landy and will never be parted from her.

Cost isn't an issue, because they are going to last 10 years or more. Its more about what tyres are best for the low miles I do and the mainly road driving, while retaining the chunky look I've got with the Trac Edge 235/85 tyres

BFG T/A are the obvious choice, but I'll never wear the buggers out so are they worth the extra cost. Or do I get the Insa Turbo and would I be happy with them being remould or is there another choice?

And I want to buy wheels and tyres together and get free delivery or get them from somewhere close to Nottingham so I can collect.

Any suggestions gratefully received

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After ten years a set of tyres are likely to go 'hard' with age so will probably be due for replacement anyway. Give them a fighting chance by covering them with something to protect them from UV light.

Also, a vehicle that's used infrequenty can suffer flat-spotting of the tyres - you may wish to consider some way to take the vehicle weight off the tyres when parked up.

[i've seen plenty of instances of low-mileage vehicles with tyres that still have plenty of tread depth left but I sure wouldn't want to drive on them!]

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retreads arent the answer , as the casings are s/h to start with . A cheap new tyre makes the most sense , as it will become unusable , rather than tread wear out . eg

something along these lines


you could mount them on some decent s/h alloy rims there's plenty on ebay as these will not rust like the modulars .



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Definitely not remoulds they will crack and be useless in 2-3 years I head to get 2 years out of a set they never wore out. To be honest if I were you I'd buy a good second hand set of wheels and tyres on the basis the tyres will be knackered before they are worn and I'd probably buy bfg either AT or KM2 failing that general grabber AT2's.


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