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At Last a Sensible Newpaper Article!

Steve King

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Hi All

Not long got back from visiting my Mum.

Whilst I was at Mum's (waiting for filler to dry before I could do some wallpapering!) I read the Daily Torygraph and was amazed to see a sensible reasoned article in support of cars with a longer lifespan particularly 4x4s and other cars that survive 100K miles or more. The article pointed out the costs of recycling batteries and the larger environmental footprint of hybrid cars like the Prius because of the energy used in manufacturing.

It's too late in the night for me to try to scan the article (and i'm not too sure how my scanner is performing at the moment - had to remove a quantity of cat vomit from it the other day :(:( ) However as soon as I can I wil try and paste the whole article in a post here.



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"Cos he's a graphic designer, working on a new ad for Pizza Hut ???...:wacko:


:lol: Graphic Designer? Hah I wish. No just a rather elderly cat with a weak stomach! :P

That's the arictle Sgnas, although the title mentions J**ps, Land Rovers do get a name check!


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