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Have I bought the correct swivel ball and kit ?

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I have been preparing myself to do this job for a while and read the manual watched the toolshop videos.

So being confident I can tackle this job I ordered the parts.

Here is my dilemma the manual shows a Railko bush assembly and the video described the other type as one used on a td5.

Being cautious I checked vin number and gave supplier vehicle age etc

I have 1995 300tdi so imagine my suprise when the swivel arrived and was the later model used on td5.

I ordered the kit seperate from paddocks that matches the swivel.

Now concerned that I will start to strip down and discover its the Railko version and everything has to go back and be swapped.

First question does anyone know if after 94 the defender uses taper roller bearings ?

Or is there a way to find out which is fitted without a full strip down ?

Was planning to start it Wednesday weather permitting (no garage :-( sadly)

Once again any advice would be gratefully received.


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300TDi never had railko, so swivel bearings should both be taper roller bearings. That's assuming you have the original axle. Not sure if early 90/110/Disco 1 axles will fit, but you can tell if you have the railko top bearing without taking anything apart other that a front wheel off. Pin diameters are different for railko and taper roller, and you can tell by just looking at the top pin while it's still in place.


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I just did mine on a Disco (same age, same kit etc.). It's actually quite straight forward, except I did a bit of guess work on torquing one of the top swivel pin bolts. On my Disco the brake lines foul one of the bolts... not sure about a Defender, but I'd bet it's the same?!

I followed Les's tutorial in the Tech Archive and it was perfect. I left the bottom swivel pin alone, just changed the bearings.


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Pretty straight forward as you said.

The stub axle bearing was knacked loose needle rollers everywhere.

The top taper bearing in swivel housing was obliterated nothing there except for metal shards in the housing and rollers.

Based on the damage to the bearing wondering if I should change the lower pin none in the refurb kit

Defender is 20 years old looks like this is first time since manufacture that the housings been off ?

On a separate note the stub axle bearing was a pig to get out and there appears to be a gauge inside where the bearing sits not my doing I might add don't know if I should replace the stub too . Although if bearing goes in without being damaged might get away with it ?

Any thoughts !

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