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Help With V8 Alternator


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A mate of mine had some surplus new VW/AUDI parts that he needed to get rid of. Rather than waste time on eBay he said I could have a rummage and take what I wanted free gratis. The best bit I pilfered was brand new Bosch 120A alternator.

Problem is getting the damned thing to line up. As you can see from my pic below its miles out from the water pump. Ok I don't have the water pump pulley on but you can see what I mean.


I know I can use this Bosch alternator, as can be seen from the pic below. Do I have the wrong mounting bracket?


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I used a 100A alternator from a serpentine model on my vee belt 3.5.

Having swapped the pulleys I did some measuring and made up a new mounting bracket to replace the ally casting.


Note - I found 100A was about the limit of what a single 3/8" wide vee belt can manage!

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Similar to the above, I fitted a 120A alternator to a V belt 3.9 although it was the later style V belt setup with the alternator mounted high on the LHS above the PAS pump.

I had real problems with belt slip and tried a number of different designs including toothed belts, none of them coped well when it was under heavy load but it sort of worked. I only fitted it because the original alternator died and I wanted to use the spare for my LSx so there was some commonality of parts. It did the job at least... my team mate tried running one on the original single V belt 3.5 setup and used to have to fit a new belt 2-3 times a day during competitions because it would slip and melt through.

To mount mine I made an adaptor mount as there was no way to get it lined up any other way. I've attached a couple of pics...



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