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300tdi 90 cutting out

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Hi all Looking for a bit of advice. I was out last night in my 300tdi 90. Put some fuel in as running low drove about 10mile and it cut out. Fired back up but running rubbish as though it had run out of fuel? Undid the drain off the bottom of the fuel filter and it was full of pressurised air? Let the air out off it went again for another 10-15 mile and did the same again? Anybody ever had this problem or know what it is? My 1st thoughts are nackard lift pump? Cheers

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Hello, to me pressurised air suggests the pump is working fine, but you've maybe developed an air leak between it and the tank as its pumping, but pumping air... If your lift pump is duff you won't get anything pressurised in the filter I.e. leak on the suction side.

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I'd suggest if you were low you when you filled up you may have washed some crud from the bottom of the tank into your pickup pipe in the tank.

Back flush the pipes and change the filter. As a temp measure you could lift the sender/pickup out of the tank and stick it in a jam jar of diesel. If it drinks and runs ok You may need to get creative with tank cleaning

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