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Manual Lockers


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I have 3.54 metric detroit locker and truetrac in the lightweight, to go to 4.7 ring and pinion I need a spacer for the crownwheel, I can use either the metric diff housing or the old 4.7 housing, 1981 as far as I am aware.

If I use the old housing I will need bearing sleeves for the diff centre, I think.

If I use the new housing will the pinion bearings fit?

Thanks hope this makes sense.

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I like cable me. Give it a tug and its in or out...

Admit its a little backerds in tech :blink: but i like......Just something about knowin that there is no other parts other than a cable between you and that locker.

Saying that, Maxi Drive is what i have been looking at.......For my sissy LR axles!

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have you been hanging out with the Rubber princess again?

Yes, that'll be it. Blame him. :ph34r:

coming up the Lab at the weekend?

Nope, I'm indulging in my 'other hobby'. :ph34r:

I'll probably pop up in a couple of weeks though. Make sure there is something exciting for me to look at. :D


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