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Clutch/transmission problem Defender 110 when warm

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Good afternoon,

I am a newbie to the forum and also to Land Rover defenders, I have not had much experience with trucks either.

I have just bought myself a 2007 (57 reg) defender 110 pickup single cab, to tow my vintage tractor.

After a few days of use I noticed that gear selection at junctions became hard and virtually impossible to select any gear. Playing around with how I used the clutch I found that depressing the peddle half way down I could select the appropriate gear however depressing the peddle fully would result in hard selection of any gear.

Once in gear if the clutch was depressed fully with the brake off the vehicle would start to creep forward (or reverse if selected).

When coming to a junction pressing the clutch peddle fully down and coasting (I know one shouldn't coast) up to the junction will result in a squealing sound coming from the clutch, lifting the peddle half way will stop the noise.

This only happens when the vehicle has done a few miles. From cold the clutch/gear selection appears to be normal with the peddle fully depressed. I do not sit with my foot on the clutch always removing it and placing it on the floor.

I have done a quick search of the forum but can't find this problem listed.

The 110 has a puma engine and has done 26,000 miles.

Any ideas that I can take with me to the garage next week?

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That's a fairly low mileage vehicle. 2007 and onwards Defender clutches are not the best in the world as the springs in the plate tend to wear causing a rattle and eventual failure but I wonder if the plate in yours is suffering from oil contamination. I suppose you could check the master cylinder pushrod is correctly adjusted [the manual is avialble for downlaod via a link in this forum] but if out of adjustment I'd expect the fault to exist all the time regardless of temperature. If the master of slave is faulty people have found that they are best replaced as a pair, replacing one can cause the other to fail anyway ....headache is that the slave can only be replaced by pulling the gearbox back and out but that would be an ideal time to check the clutch as well.

You don't state if you obtained the vehicle from a dealer or privately but if you have only just got it I'd possibly be looking for help with the issue from the supplier.

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Thanks for the replies so far. Yes it has a low mileage which drew me to it. I bought from dealer (not LR agent) and it's going back there next week for inspection. just hope they see the problem for themselves.

Will let you know the outcome

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Got the defender back from the garage, they found a broken spring in the clutch. whilst doing that they found a problem with the turbo boost hose and replaced that. The defender is a lot better performance wise but I still have a slight problem with the gear shift. I didn't really notice this at first because I was concentrating on the clutch but after they did the clutch I seem to have lost the bias on the gear stick, making it a little difficult to change up from 2nd to 3rd and down from 5th to 4th as I have to "search" for the correct position. I don't really want to take it back to to garage again as it involves a 100 mile journey. I have heard instances of this happening on the forum and that the bias springs need setting up. Is this easy to do? can it be done from inside the cab?

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Hi everyone,

Contacted the mechanic and he said that when he took the gearbox out he removed the gearstick assembly by removing the four torx head screws and removed. The manual states that the selector unit should be removed using the four nuts and not the torx head screws.

I have now had chance to look at the problem and removed the four torx screws and lifted the assembly out. Nothing un-toward found so put it back together only to find the problem still existed. However I slackened the torx screws and the gear lever moved into the correct position. It would seem that when the torx screws are tightened fully they cover clamps down on the ball assembly. Leaving them slackened of a fraction allows the lever to align with 3rd and 4th. I wondered if the mechanic has left out a gasket or spacer when re-assembling the unit?

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