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  1. 200tdi rear lights fault

    Ok the problem was the rear earths that screw dawn to the rear tub . To be honest I never thought of these as being important as they earth to the alloy tub and I never thought alloy made a very good earth . Obviously that's me being an idiot because if they weren't important they wouldn't be there
  2. Rear axle swap

    I put 300tdi disco axles on my 90 to up grade from 10 spline to 24 spline and obviously discs on back . Payed £50 each for complete axles . Swaped front callipers for ones off my 90 and put new callipers on back . discs were mint . All came off a scrap disco
  3. 200tdi rear lights fault

    OK bit if an odd one . hopeing someone has had something similar to offer some advice as where to start . All front lights are working as they should . but the only ones at the back working are nearside side and brake light and number plate light . nothing at all works on off side . I have checked voltage and only getting about 6v to off side . If I put indicators , revers or fog lights on the nearside lights that do work go off so nothing is on . once the others are turned off the nearside side light works again . I'm guessing its probably an earth fault but has any one got any other ideas or witch earths it might be . All lights are led sealed units Thanks for any help
  4. Shell island

    Hi Andy had a great 4 nights at shell island we headed out over the dunes and found a lovely spot well away from the camping fields . It was like our own little desert owasis Mark
  5. tuff trek roof tents

    Very happy with the tent it has performed faultless including a huge storm at durness
  6. Interesting lifting roof on a Series

    Very nice did he make it his self
  7. Shell island

    Hi just been looking for somewhere to go in school holidays camping with the roof tent . Found shell island in wales and looks like a good place to just stay in one place for a week . Has anyone stayed on the island to give an honest view as to what its like Thanks Mark
  8. Door Lock Security

    I have seen an advert in one of the mags for body sliders that can be locked together to stop the door being opened . Ill try find it and post the name
  9. Chassis clip set?

    I orderd 2 bags of chassie pipe clips when i did mine to then find out richards dont put the holes in . So they are still in the shed
  10. 4" lift Antiroll bars ?

    Thanks guys . Will remove them as we fit the lift kit
  11. 4" lift Antiroll bars ?

    Hi a friend has just bought a 300tdi disco for using at payday sites to save damaging his td5 . He has just bought a second hand 4" lift kit for it but I was thinking it will be better with the roll bars removed . Am I right in thinking this
  12. I got 2 seat retrim kits . To be honest I was a bit dubious as they were britpart . but to be fair I did them on boxing day and they seem ok and look a lot better than the old knakerd torn ones
  13. LT77 gearbox oil

    This is interesting . I have always used atf . My gear oil is due a change and I'm now thinking mtf might be an option
  14. Brake problem

    Thanks guys I will check for cracks in servo and test pump at weekend . I did fit a new caliper last August but never gave that a thought . And it did come in a blue box
  15. Brake problem

    Hi got a strange problem with the brakes on my 200 tdi 90 . Normal day to day breaking is spot on as good as it always has been . Last night though I had to slam on the brakes and the pedal just went solid and the brakes were not good Felt like when being towed with engine off . Ie no servo assistance . After the slam on under normal braking every thing is good . This morning I tried a couple off emergency braking tests and every time it's like no assistance . So I'm thinking servo problem or vac pump problem . Is there anyway to test these and has anyone had a similar problem .