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  1. marktdi

    Sheilder bulkheads

    Thanks for all the advice I payed the deposit today after a lot of mulling it over . I think at 999 plus vat it's a good price compared to what good second hand ones are making . I'll report and post pic's once I have it
  2. marktdi

    Sheilder bulkheads

    Thanks guys had a look at there web site thanks and it does look good . I thought the price didn't seem too bad for a brand new galv one . There was someone else doing new bulkheads for series 3 and defender . a sort of universal fit one . Im sure that was 2k and not galved . Cant for the life of me remember who it was though 😂
  3. marktdi

    Sheilder bulkheads

    Just looked on the defender2 forum thanks . Doesn't sound good but then again no one has actually seen one in the flesh so to speak
  4. marktdi

    Sheilder bulkheads

    Thanks my concerns are the quality for the money and also the hefty 50% deposit and I've never heard of the company before
  5. marktdi

    Sheilder bulkheads

    Hi im sure you have all seen the new bulkheads by sheilder . Has any one seen one yet or has anyone had any dealings with the company . The bulkheads are on an introductory price that seems very reasonable . I need a new bulkhead but don't want it for a couple of months due to a house move . But don't want to miss out on the lower price . I have emailed them and they have said if I pay half the price now they will hold one for me at the lower price . Just looking for your thoughts and experiences with the company and the bulkheads . Thanks Mark
  6. marktdi


    I rang up and did it over the phone . The guy said there's no way they could compete with my renewal price . How much do other people pay
  7. marktdi


    NFU £345 looks like flux direct will be keeping my business after all
  8. marktdi


    Great thanks ill give them a try . Last year I payed £115 fully comp including all modifications . This year they have quoted £165 . Seems a big jump in price Mark
  9. marktdi


    Hi just got my renewal quote for my 200tdi 90 . Its a 1991 and they have increased it by 45%. Its with flux direct and is my everyday car covering about 11k a year . Who are other people using and who would you recommend Thanks Mark
  10. marktdi

    200tdi rear lights fault

    Ok the problem was the rear earths that screw dawn to the rear tub . To be honest I never thought of these as being important as they earth to the alloy tub and I never thought alloy made a very good earth . Obviously that's me being an idiot because if they weren't important they wouldn't be there
  11. marktdi

    Rear axle swap

    I put 300tdi disco axles on my 90 to up grade from 10 spline to 24 spline and obviously discs on back . Payed £50 each for complete axles . Swaped front callipers for ones off my 90 and put new callipers on back . discs were mint . All came off a scrap disco
  12. marktdi

    200tdi rear lights fault

    OK bit if an odd one . hopeing someone has had something similar to offer some advice as where to start . All front lights are working as they should . but the only ones at the back working are nearside side and brake light and number plate light . nothing at all works on off side . I have checked voltage and only getting about 6v to off side . If I put indicators , revers or fog lights on the nearside lights that do work go off so nothing is on . once the others are turned off the nearside side light works again . I'm guessing its probably an earth fault but has any one got any other ideas or witch earths it might be . All lights are led sealed units Thanks for any help
  13. marktdi

    Shell island

    Hi Andy had a great 4 nights at shell island we headed out over the dunes and found a lovely spot well away from the camping fields . It was like our own little desert owasis Mark
  14. marktdi

    tuff trek roof tents

    Very happy with the tent it has performed faultless including a huge storm at durness
  15. marktdi

    Interesting lifting roof on a Series

    Very nice did he make it his self

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