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  1. Very nice did he make it his self
  2. Hi just been looking for somewhere to go in school holidays camping with the roof tent . Found shell island in wales and looks like a good place to just stay in one place for a week . Has anyone stayed on the island to give an honest view as to what its like Thanks Mark
  3. I have seen an advert in one of the mags for body sliders that can be locked together to stop the door being opened . Ill try find it and post the name
  4. I orderd 2 bags of chassie pipe clips when i did mine to then find out richards dont put the holes in . So they are still in the shed
  5. Thanks guys . Will remove them as we fit the lift kit
  6. Hi a friend has just bought a 300tdi disco for using at payday sites to save damaging his td5 . He has just bought a second hand 4" lift kit for it but I was thinking it will be better with the roll bars removed . Am I right in thinking this
  7. I got 2 seat retrim kits . To be honest I was a bit dubious as they were britpart . but to be fair I did them on boxing day and they seem ok and look a lot better than the old knakerd torn ones
  8. This is interesting . I have always used atf . My gear oil is due a change and I'm now thinking mtf might be an option
  9. Thanks guys I will check for cracks in servo and test pump at weekend . I did fit a new caliper last August but never gave that a thought . And it did come in a blue box
  10. Hi got a strange problem with the brakes on my 200 tdi 90 . Normal day to day breaking is spot on as good as it always has been . Last night though I had to slam on the brakes and the pedal just went solid and the brakes were not good Felt like when being towed with engine off . Ie no servo assistance . After the slam on under normal braking every thing is good . This morning I tried a couple off emergency braking tests and every time it's like no assistance . So I'm thinking servo problem or vac pump problem . Is there anyway to test these and has anyone had a similar problem .
  11. An update on progres . There was a problem with delivery at direct 4X4s end . The Currier left it behind . So they refunded all the postage cost and sent it out for Saturday am delivery for free . It came Saturday morning at 9am and I am very happy with it . The proof will be in the pudding as they say but the quality seems very good
  12. Thanks guys but unfortunatly tuff trek cant supply untill the end of the summer . So by default i have had to go with direct 4x4 . They were very helpfull on the phone and they do one with an extended anex and ladder specificly for defenders . They have also supplied a heavy duty roof rack . Unfortunatly the tents are made of the lighter sail fabrics but this should be ok as i dont intend using it in the colder months . And to be fair the price was very very good . He said if i wasnt completly satisfied when it came he would get it collected and refund all my money including the postage . You cant say fairer than that Mark
  13. Hi i have had a good search on the forum and found lots of info on roof tents . I am looking at the tuff trek ones and the ones that direct 4x4 sell . It would be either 1.6 or 1.8 wide . Just wanted to know if any one has used these tents or had a chance to have a good look at them to give a review on quality . It will be used for touring uk and europe . Thanks
  14. I got an RDX one and its useless
  15. If you remove each prop in turn and go for a short drive this should tell you were the prob is