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Gas Flowed Heads-related to Which Intercooler??


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I was reading the thread on uprated intercoolers listed as Which Intercooler?? on the Defender Porn site Forum.

Has anyone had experience using gas flowed heads on the 200TDi before?

I remember from my boy racer days that making the engine more efficient was better than sticking on wild cams and carbs. By using gas flowed heads instead made the engine better all round and would benefit any further "improvements".

Given the cost of upgrading the intercooler (J Fearn £550) and its associated benefits a gas flowed head from Turner Engineering (£375) appears to give similar improvements (torque and response) with the added benefit of improved economy (depending on how heavy your foot is of course :D )

Ideally what I would like to do in the future is upgrade the head first and then the intercooler.

Anybody out there done one or both?

Answers on a post card........ :)



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As Tony says, I have a gas flowed head. I have not had the car on a rolling road so all I have to go on is the measurement I can feel through my arse - I did not feel any discernable improvement after fitting the gas flowed head.

I am certainly glad that it was gas flowed as a part of a planned re-build and that I did not have it done instead of fitting an intercooler or I may have felt cheated! I have not uprated the intercooler on mine but those that have report dramaticaly increased performance immediatly.

If I had my money again? I would spend it on an intercooler... or more likely the pub. :)


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Uprating the intercooler will increase the efficiency of the engine, you're rejecting heat from the turbocharger which would otherwise impinge on the density of the inducted air.

You can see reasonable benefits on flowing 2.25 and NAD heads, but the Tdi heads are pretty well flowed already (potted history, the later 2.5NAD and 2.5TD had a different port arrangement following some development work by Ricardo. This work carried over to the 200Tdi). If you're fussy, spend some time of your own making sure that the manifolds are matched to the head, and buy a good quality intercooler. Get an EGT gauge to make sure you don't cook the lump, and wind up the fuel as described elsewhere.

If you've got a GPS unit and you're interested in getting some before/after performance figures for torque and horsepower, drop me a PM.

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