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Sheared off rear diff pinion shaft


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I hope someone can help

Yesterday I was driving my disco 1 when the rear pinion shaft sheared off. Photos attached.

What will have caused this, is it just wear and tear l?

I am thinking of replacing the rear diff with a 2nd hand unit. Is that the correct thing to do? Or should I do the whole rear axle as I had to drive home 7 miles with a leaking diff.




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Just chuck another diff in, service exchange from Ashcrofts or a second hand one. The only other turny roundy bit in the back axle is the wheel bearings, which are grease lubricated, so even if the diff ran dry it will be fine as long as you make sure there is no metal junk/swarf in the casing before fitting the new diff. If the diff still has a fair amount of oil in it then it shouldn't even need that - just "one of those things" I think - perhaps metal fatigue or something. Have you changed a propshaft recently? A wildly out of balance propshaft might be a root cause, but I think you'd notice the vibration long before it did anything like that.

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That happened to me years back.

Fortunately I was going a mere walking pace when the truck was brought to a violent halt. The pinion fell back and jammed the crownwheel it made quite a mess of the teeth.

A second hand diff should be the easiest and cheapest solution. Plenty of Discos being broken all the time.

As BM says, make sure the axle tube is clean inside and fit another, fill with oil and go.

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