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chassis wiring loom

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Just bought a new chassis loom as my wiring loom is a mess.

There are four wires in it that I cant find on the wiring diagram and wondered if someone could tell me what they are.

There is a single wire - solid purple

And then there are three wires in a plug, ones Green / Black, ones white and the last looks like its white with a black trace or perhaps slate grey.

Any help appreciated. I want to make sure I know what the wires are and i cant find any reference to them but they must be for something.


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Ahh, thanks Western.

Strange place for it to pop out the loom though? I had dismissed it as for the fuel tank as looking at the loom it pops out between the left hand and right hand corners, kind of part way along the rear cross member. Perhaps in roughly the right position for a 110 but not a 90. Guess worst case I can extend the wires back to the fuel tank sender.


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there's a link loom from that plug to the tank sender for 110/130 any way, but you've probably got that on the vehicles existing loom,

for a 90 just weather proof it & secure safely,

90/110 chassis looms are identical, LR just loose the excess length inside the chassis.

I've got a new chassis loom here to go on my 110 when the weather is much drier & I get the time to change it, so if you need to ident any other wires, just shout :i-m_so_happy:

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Thanks. Think I am sorted of the rest of the loom. Will reuse the link loom.

Think I will end up with a new main harness also as it's had a few "events" causing smoke to escape in the recent past.

Continual program of improvement.


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