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Toms farm Rhayader


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Hi guys, I wondered if toms farm was still open?

I know Tom died back in 2011 but I didn't know if anyone had bought the farm and carried on with the offroading?

A Search produced the following comments, which seem to work when gathered together.

Note they were all made in 2011.

As a side note, I had heard there was another site offering offroading near to Tommy's farm. Anyone else heard this?

You may be thinking of Bernie Pugh's Tough Terrains site at Abbeycwmhir. It is really nothing like Tommy's, there is organisation, no mess, no bikes, no neglected animals and rather smaller.


Maybe that was the other site I had heard of, but looks to me like its set up for total beginners having an instructor holding your hand all the time. which isnt to my taste!

Bernies site Can cater for all, I have even been to three winch comps there, So Yes it can cater for all , I would say ring bernie first though as he does do a lot of training there, and doesnt tolerate dangerous @rsing about, Stunning views from the top of his hill smile.gif


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