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TD5 Oil problem


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Noticed this today at the botteom of the rad, it has also blown up between the rad and intercooler and with the help of sand has clogged everything up

Picture taken with front of vehicle with grille removed


On further investigation I found the inside of the intercooler hoses to be covered in black gunge

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what the problem could be



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Pretty sure it isn't a problem, may need the clip tightening or replacing, the intercooler will get oily/black inside as the crankcase breather gases & intake air get passed through as it's cooled any oil suspended in the air will be left in the intercooler, it happens on Tdi engines & all other intercooled engines too, remove the intercooler & clean it with parafin or oil solvent cleaner, --- BUT make sure the intercooler is completly dry before refitting.

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TD5 intercoolers to tend to crack, though that is fixable with alloy solder (we just bought some, and it works on radiators so should be ok on an intercooler).

The intercooler is only about 12 months old, so hopefully not cracked

Obviously a leak of some sort but may be worth checking/disabling EGR if fitted, as that produces a lot of the above sort of gunge....

EGR was removed about 6 months ago

Been having a look under the bonnet today and it does not look to complicated to take both the rad and intercooler out. Usually put the car into a garage but going to tackle this one, anything I should be aware of ?

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