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Wild camping, north of England


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Hi guys

Just wandering if anyone has any suggestions of places to go camping in the north of England? Ideally within a 3 hour drive of Durham as this is a short notice weekend thing for me and my partner, we're not looking to go extreme but just spend a day walking and put up a tent away from loads of other people.

I was thinking the lakes but didn't have any specific locations in mind if anyone can help?


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I don't know anywhere you can wild camp; you would need permission from the land owner.

If it's walking you're after why not try Bowes? You can walk part of the Pennine Way, have a pint in the Tan Hill Tavern etc! The is a basic camp site at the far end of the village and I've never seen it completely full.

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I've wild camped loads of times in the Lakes, above a certain altitude its considered fine, however this has been while backpacking, carrying all of our kit and spending a night out on the tops.

If by wild camping you mean just rocking up and pitching your tent on a grass verge or in a quiet bit of woodland out the back of your landy, this is not considered fine and would need the landowners permission.

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Chris, I mean your first option, walk for a few hours, pitch a tent then walk back to the car.

Looking for maybe a 5 mile walk each way.

I'm a seasoned camper but all my experience is in the Cairngorms and Angus glens where I used to work, now I'm back home in Durham I'm stuck for ideas haha

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