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90/110 head rests

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Head rest is a bit of a misnomer really, they are head restraints, there to stop your head travelling further back than your body in the event of an accident and help prevent serious neck and C spine injury.

With this in mind is probably not a good idea to bend the stalks. Perhaps adding a block of soft foam to the front of the head restraint when you want to use it as a head rest would do the job you want ?



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In answer to the question - yes they can. Been there & done it myself.

Why? Early (1985/86 ish) seats were different to later ones, and that included the angle of the headrest. Like you have found, your head doesn't comfortably rest anywhere near the early ones (assuming this is what you have?)

When my mother had a 1998 110 I took the headrest off that and compared with my 1986 version and adjusted mine to a similar angle.

I removed the upholstery from the head rest and stuck the end in the vice and slid a large piece of pipe over the stem.

The oval section stem is bent already, so actually not that hard to adjust it a bit further :)

Need to do the same mod on my 110...

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Thanks guys, mine are the oblong tube jan 86 reg 110.

I v'e spotted headrestraint/rest cushions on your fav internet purchasing place.

Don't want to balls up the seat completely.

I still have the standard seats in the second row (and i know how uncomfortable they can be) and really like the look of the Scenic seats one of the guys has fitted on here.

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