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lower swivelpin

orange rover

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took my hub on the defender apart in oder to fit the new swivel pin housing required for conversion to LHD. the workshop manual specifies a torque 68 - 88NM for these bolts. thought that this was rather much for the M8 bolts, but tried anyhow. one of the bolts snapped at around 60 NM. was lucky, when i took off the swivel pin housing, the rest of the bolt was sticking out sufficiently so that i could remove it using pliers.

will order two new bolts and start again. anyone else had that happenP? should is use the value specified in the workshop manual or use less?



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17ft/lbs would be 23NM, sounds about right for M8 bolts.

Funny enough i do have the railko setup, but still have M8 bolts on the bottom pin? 17mm bolts are on the top pin with the railko bush.



Haynes manual and Rave is wrong for these bolts they suggest 58ft/lb

the correct torque setting should be 17ft/lbs

I to snapped the bolts following the Rave recommendations.

this figure is for the top 17mm bolts and not the 13mm lower ones..

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true - the top has 17mm. but my question dealt with the bottom pin. even the land rover workshop manual for thte railko setup gives 58ft/lb for the top AND the bottom pins.

may be worth mentioning in the technichal archive writeups of you both, which ensured that the rest of the job went very smoothly :) thanks!


The one I did that's in the tech archive has the railko top bush and it has 17mm on the top and 13mm bottom. As far as I'm aware, this is the standard arrangement.

Les. :)

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just to clarify:

my answer is re the bottom in with the 13mm bolts

I snapped one before investigating further re the torque setting.

it is and should be 17ft/lbs not the 58ft/lb quote in the Haynes and Rave manuals, that is the figure for the 17mm top bolts

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