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Reading and transferring map to defender td5

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Hi guys

Just want to get sone advice. Been on the phone with Alive tuning and want to remap my 2004 defender td5.

I was told I can read the map on my ecu using a nanocom save it on an sd card then email it to them then they'll send a new map which I could write back on the ecu.

Anyone have a procedure of how to read and transfer then transferring the new map to the ecu. I know it sound simple but I don't want to mess the ecu in anyway so better be safe than sorry.

I know the battery voltage should stay constant so would connecting a battery charger to my battery help while the nanocom is doing its work?

Thanks for any help


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I've had a look yeah just wanted to make sure just in case something goes wrong. I was in touch with Alive and they said the nanocom will guide me through it shouldn't be any issue. Just wondering when I'm reading my original map if it save automatically on the sd card?

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Once you read the map you will see a little image of a floppy disk at the bottom of the screen, if you click on that it will save the original map to the SD card. Afraid I've no experience of flashing maps back onto ECUs however


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I've managed to read the file and save it on the SD card but can't read it on my macbook as i have no software to support this type of format. I've sent it to Alive tuning anyway. Is there a special program to read my map o my laptop? I was on the phone with Alive tuning and they said I should'nt have any problem writing the new map on but I know where you're coming from I would have prefer to send my ecu to them but i'm base in ireland.

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