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Front brake pad pin kits?


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I have a 300Tdi with SOLID discs and it states that the Front Brake Pad retention kit is part No. RTC5001 contains long pins with small split pins.......

Now for vented Brake pads the kit has extra springs in the kit (STC8575), is there any reason why I cant use this retention kit on solid brake discs, as I like the idea of the springs possibly aiding the pads from a bit of rattle?

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The calipers are wider on vented systems - there are inserts between the caliper halves, the calipers being otherwise identical. That means the vented kit's pins will be too long. The split pins should be the same. The coil springs may fit, but might not - their compressed length may be too long for the gap between the pads in a non-vented system. But those springs are useless anyway - the pads rattle terribly. Read the other thread about "decent brake pads" and you'll see a recent post showing an alternative spring that clips around the tags on the pads, its ends under the retaining puns, forcing the pads down towards the hub centre. They apply some force, unlike the pathetically weak coil springs of the standard kit, and should fit vented and non-vented calipers alike.

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