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V8 Disco running odd

Dean Smith

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Good Morning.

I noticed something odd with my Disco 1 this morning on the way in to work and possibly last time it was driven. It seems to be running odd upto about 3000rpm, I want to say it feels likes its not firing on all cylinders but I'm not sure that is what is happening as it doesn't feel rough enough. Get the revs past 3000 and it is as smooth as normal but below that it is almost hesitant and seems a bit down on power and lumpy (but a smooth lumpyness if that makes sense). My drive in this morning was mainly in slow traffic and under 6 miles so not really the ideal conditions but it did certainly feel different to normal. 

It was no different on petrol or PLG.

500 miles ago I had to replace the valley gasket due to a leak and it had been running fine before that and since until this raised its head. 

Where should I start investigating?


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Thanks guys.

Had a friend listen to it the other night and he agreed that it sounded like one cylinder was not firing. His thoughts were an injector which seemed plausible but when I thought about it later I realised it couldn't be as I'm running single point log and the rough running was on gas too. Today I pulled all the plugs and they all looked the same, I had expected one to look a lot different. Couldn't see anything else so put it back together and started it up and it ran smooth as so took it for a test run and it seems fine now. 

Will keep an ear on it over the next few runs.



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