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  1. Think Luminition used to do one that covered the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder models if they are still around had one on my then 4 cylinder S3 and it was great but not sure if they are still going or not though
  2. Didn't get anything done today as its been raining off and on all day and I need to get the 90 out of the garage to work on as there isn't much room in there with the 2a stuff in there aswell so it will have to wait till weekend now
  3. Got some more done yesterday finished off the engine bay side and started fitting the wiring loom and fuse backing panel back in and partially connected up, in work today but its my day off tomorrow so I will do some more
  4. Nice it sounds like it's a nice little earner
  5. Haha
  6. Been off for 4 days and today is the only day I have had to do anything on the 90 as I have been resting a sore eye for the last few days think I may have got something in it either from work or from working in the garage but it seems ok now so today as we fitted the bulkhead last week we only fitted it in loosely so we could fit stuff back in easier in the engine bay so today I fastened the bulkhead in properly so next weekend we can start fitting the wiring and dash back in
  7. Hahaha yeah
  8. I had a similar problem and accidentally solved it after months running without the fuel gauge reading, just check the wiring immediately next to the fuel filter there should be a thin black wire with a large eyelet on it should be screwed to the bulkhead but after I removed the filter completely from the bulkhead to do a seperate job and found this wire tucked away in the wiring, screwed it to the bulkhead and hey presto the fuel gauge worked I must have missed it some how when I did the engine swap last year, hope this helps
  9. Yeah we have ordered a pair of them to fit the new bulkhead so will fit them before we fit the dash
  10. Hi guys As the tittle say's and with me it's getting as much done as I can on swapping stuff over on our newly fitted replacement bulkhead and if possible but not expecting it fit the new flat type roof to our 90,so what's your plans
  11. Had a good result yesterday we sold the old bulkhead for £100, originally I was going to give it the scrap man but Andy ( son ) decided to advertise it on his mobile and within an hour it was sold and the guy picked it up yesterday
  12. Here are some pic's and yes this will be the new colour
  13. Cheers guys
  14. I've been quite enjoying myself swapping the bulkhead over and swapping everything over onto it so I have decided on buying a new galv bulkhead for the 2a now so saving up like made now to buy one.