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  1. Mmmm something to think about then
  2. This one is fitted with a std transfer box hence why we have fitted Def diffs and possibly the need for an o/d
  3. Hi guys Just thinking ahead really but does anyone know if a Defender Extreme 4x4 removable tow bar will fit a S2a swb the tow bar atm is fitted to my 90 with a new Richards chassis and if it will fit swap the tow bar over to the S2a with new Richards chassis, its the holes where the front fixing plate and tow bar fix to the rear X member I am thinking about, what do you think
  4. Yeah with my last 2a I bought another one as a donna car and used the gearbox from that as it looked in better condition than the one originally in mine when my bro opened it up to rebuild for me, and that's when we found out it was an Ashcroft gearbox but the s/n inc the Suffix wasn't present on the gearbox so we never nu what the other gear ratios were so it will be interesting once we get it back on the road
  5. Ok I will look round for an o/d to add on aswell, cheer's Snagger
  6. Are right I see so really if I was to fit an o/d aswell I would more or less end up with the same gearing as I had with my last one but that was fitted with std diffs, an Ashcroft gearbox and an o/d, I would be happy with that
  7. Ok I will see how this gearbox is with the Def diffs fitted and if need be I will fit an o/d aswell, just thought higher Suffix's had higher gearing
  8. I find it quite confusing as a few months ago I was on their site looking at something else and I came across a table with all the different Suffix's and different landy gearbox's on giving the different ratios of each Suffix / gearbox but as I was looking for something on Defender gearbox's I didn't take much notice of the series Suffix's and ratios and it looks like that's all changed now
  9. Hi guys Can anyone shed any clear light on S2a /S3 gear ratios please as I am trying to find out what gearbox would suit my 1971 S2a currently fitted with a Suffix ( F ) gearbox and a 200tdi engine, I have been looking in the Haynes book, and online but they all seem to specify from Suffix ( A ) - ( B ) and from Suffix ( C ) onwards and just wondering if higher Suffix's had higher gearing or not, what do you think
  10. Yeah it's the first time I have used the stove with the garage being empty as the 90 was out having its MOT and the 2a was still outside and the garage seemed to get warmer but outside it was quite mild anyway so maybe it was that not sure
  11. I've been getting a few egg pallets from work ( white wood ) recently and I gave them ago yesterday just to see how they are and I am quite pleased with them as they burn a lot better, slightly slower than what I have tried and quite hot aswell so I mite keep to getting these instead as it's free aswell
  12. Nice neat job that, sadly i can't weld and although the tdi power steering system converted to fit a series truck is the way to go I will just have to suffer and stick to manual steering
  13. Yeah think I will go for an Optima yellow top like I had on my last one
  14. Yeah now its mine I will just lob the battery tray off and put the battery under the passenger seat