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  1. Ok I mite start collecting some and store it
  2. Hi guys Took the dog out as I do most nights and pass a small local woods and got thinking about free logs for the stove but just need to know roughly how long would the logs / branches take to dry out assuming they have been on the ground for some time
  3. And finally with door open and damper fully closed
  4. then with the door open and damper open
  5. Had another burn today fired the stove up by using fire lighters and a piece of log cut up for kindling with all vents open inc damper, then once it got going I put a couple of heat logs on and closed the vents but kept the damper open then later opened the door and later fully closed the damper after the garage got nice and toasty as I found I could control the heat better by messing with the damper and there wasn't any smoke coming from the flue at all Anyway here are some pic's starting from firing the stove up
  6. I've started moving stuff around in the garage, basicly moved my plastic oil drums, oil jugs and stuff away from the corner near the side door and put the compressor there instead then when I get the SDS drill I can start putting shelves up for the oils and jugs and stuff over the compressor and then when I buy a builders bag of hardwood ( seasoned ) and store some in the garage where the compressor used to be but have the logs on small pallets ( from work ) with sides at either end to stop them from falling and the rest would be stored in storage boxes in the garden
  7. Didn't get to do another burn today as it wasn't that cold in the garage plus I was working outside anyway but I promise I will take some pics
  8. Will have another burn today and take some pic's as I forgot the other day, having to much fun
  9. Yep I have got loads of work for this SDS drill when I get it, had the stove running today with decent heat and touching everything on shelves that I have already shortened was getting too warm so I will be moving a lot of stuff round in the garage in the next month fitting and moving shelving round and whilst doing that I will make a small are to store a small amount of logs in and have something outside aswell to store some in aswell
  10. Had a good day in the garage with the stove took a while till I got it how I think it's should be, no smoke, pleanty of heat and a slow burn, damper fully open, both adjustable dampers closed and the door fully open the garage was very toasty, I even bought a whistling kettle and made a few brews on it aswell, well chuffed
  11. Been running Insa special tracks for 2 years and they are great on and off road I was told to be careful with them on the road in the wet as they don't grip well when cornering but have never had a problem that way, the only problem we had is they can wear out quick if used doing long distances on the road but that was son using the 90 for his then new job traveling from Manchester to Derby every day for about 7 months but thay are due a change soon as they are about half worn down but will probably go for the same to be honest but the road mileage won't be as much but yeah we really like em
  12. Nice, yeah can't wait till tomorrow and try the heat logs out
  13. Anyone no how I can make the two Wooden handles fit on the stove before I burn the little fekers, tried lightly tapping one on but it just started to split and they seem to go over the cast handle bit loosely
  14. Yeah I have decided on buying new now and quite fancy the Titan 1500w SDS drill but it will have to wait till I next get paid now
  15. Ok will look into buying a plastic garden storage / bench and store some in there then bring them in when I need to use them