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  1. Thanks Doug! I didn't even think of ebay!
  2. Hello all, been a bit since I posted anything. I am planning to swap the final drive out of my rear salisbury axle with the quaife atb and Ashcrofts hd halfshafts and drive flanges. If anyone has had experience doing the swap i'd like to hear your lessons learned. Hoping it will be a straight forward swap, but I haven't been in it to see if there is any other damaged internals. Having trouble locating the diff bearings I need for it. If anyone could post the part numbers I'd much appreciate it. I'd like to hear too if you think it's not worth the effort to change it up to begin with.
  3. Sorry for pulling this thread up from last year, just ran across it. Qwakers, did the hd shafts you bought work in the Salisbury front axle?
  4. Great idea snagger, will try to route the hose through the filter. I will take some pictures later to show an update. Just need to order a k&n now!
  5. There was about a centimeter of fluid in there today. Haven't emptied it since last year about the same time.
  6. It usually sits lower, just took it out to show. It does collect oil, just emptied it today.
  7. Great suggestion Snagger, do you have any pictures of your setup?
  8. Thanks for the replies, attached are some quick picks of my setup.
  9. Thanks for the replies. The oil filler opening is clear, no vapor from it. Will give the seperator and pipes a good cleaning. The oil vapor is coming from the oil catch cylinder connected to the cyclone breather. Changed the cyclone breather out hoping it could be the issue, but no luck.
  10. Hello All, Tried looking through the tech articles and couldn't quite find what I was looking for. My 200tdi seems to emit a noticeable amount of oil vapor. Was wondering if this is normal or an indication of a worn part. Thanks for your help!
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