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  1. What's the make model of you oba and vac gauges. Cheers
  2. hi what make are the vacuum and oba gauges your using?
  3. hi if its a land rover needing work then give my dad a call on 07768424691 or email lauderdalelandrovers@hotmail.co.uk located in lauder cheers craig
  4. this is a problem for the navy they call it micro biological growth(mbg)it grows in the water dieso interface!due to having water compesated tanks! its hard to get rid off. tanks need draining and steam cleaning, the pipe work is often changed as its easier than cleaning them and the centifugal filters are stripped cleaned and rebuilt.
  5. cheers frax think ive got a idea of what i need and how it goes cheers c raig
  6. cheers frax do the mounts go on to a small crosmember or are they seperate? cheers craig
  7. i looked at ur listing and thought they would be very handy to have! wish i had bid now and i defo would no complain bout a wee scratch some very dishonest people out there! regards craig
  8. hi frax cheers for the reply unfortunatly i cant see the pics for some reason! cheers craig
  9. ill add some more detail to the picture its a b reg 110 fitted with a 300tdi which had a lt77 fitted to it using a discovery bellhousing to put the engine in the correct possition. however this box has failed "what a shocker" and i can get a r380 to replace it. so does the mounts for the r380 pick up on the 3 holes either side of the chassis that the lt77 mounted to or have i got some fab work to do? cheers craig
  10. hi has any body got a picture of how the gearbox is mounted in a 300tdi 110! cheers craig
  11. hi its an old b plate with a 300tdi mated to the original lt77. however i would like to change to a r380 hence the seat box change and tunnel. if its not the same the i will have to look for a td5 one!
  12. hi there ive just bought a 110 and was looking at changing the seat box. is the puma box the same as a td5 one? cheers craig
  13. on my last ship wich has a scott sulzer rnd 90 8 cylinder fitted. the pistons weigh 4.75 tonnes with a bore of 970mm amd a stroke of about 2 meters. at max chat (120 rpm) you could see the heads rising at tdc the 2 turbos were the size of a 90! there was also a electric auxy blower! i think it made about 17500kw not bad in a ship that only weighs 22000 tonnes 22 knots flat out i will try and add some photos later
  14. fitted a allmakes one to my disco at the start off year. was of good quality and fitted realy well even came with brass bung iam very pleased with it
  15. first time ive been to peterborough and i must say i enjoyed it. weather was excellent. i relised about dinner time how much i miss my disco i felt ashamed to park up in an audi even if its a 4 wheel drive one!
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