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  1. Red8eard

    IVA - vehicles over 10 years exempt

    Been this way for a while i believe, Still believe you need a report done for major mods but least no hassle.
  2. Red8eard

    Just had a dream about a Defender on air

    Cheers lads, have to admit bit fond of that build given that it is mine. Id like to also point out the choices for the VE pump. its actually alot more drivable than a p-pump especially upto 300hp. Less agricultural quieter and saves around 40hp required to drive the P7100 in sacrificial losses. Perfect for the 130 imho. if you want 400hp plus p-pumps the way to go but at that hp ull be seeing over 1000lb-ft of torque so you can kiss goodby to any landy stuff. Has no problem lighting the hx35w upto 2 bar. i actually like the VE good reliable pump providing you dont feed it crappy derv or let the lift pump die as its diesel lubricated. Sorry for hijacking the thread :S
  3. Red8eard

    Just had a dream about a Defender on air

    Or you could just build it....
  4. Very intrested in this topic ive seen them used in computers and other devices but im curious on using one for controlling my air suspension and also possibly using an RFid tag as an extra immobliser.
  5. Just a Note on en24t and 19t the t actually stands for treated, harder to machine but less rework, however it means usually a maximum blank thickness of 140mm you can also buy it non treated and heat treat it after. Tbh i would go to a scrap yard and find a newer vehicle with TRE that are cranked and correct. and work from there.

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