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  1. PCL KF are the fittings on a T-MAX PUMP ,
  2. Plan B then thanks . Have found a T-max connector and have a clip on valve connector and pipe obviously . But now ive made it up im wondering why they put the silly screw on end to connect to the tyre valve ? , maybe to slowly increase the pressure , so if i just connect will it damage the pump . Must be a reason why they fitted that type of end . cost cheaper ???
  3. Old thread revival , But does anyone know the tyre valve thread size , Because you could screw a tail into the silly t-MAX screw-on valve and then a length of pipe onto that with a PCL valve fitting on the end . I still would like to make an adapter for the push connect fittings if it was ever worked out .
  4. Hi apologies for late response and thanks i didn't expect a reply . Yes i removed the m/cyl and servo as i had purchased new ones . And thought i may as well fit them . Luckily i did as the servo although still had vacuum when i removed the pipe (Doh) i forget to deplete the vacuum , Had fluid in it and the m/cyl was wet on the end . Both replaced and now a rock solid pedal at long last . So it must of been weeping for a while . Is it ok to use the servo if needed , Can it be cleaned out and if so what with . Im sure it would get someone out of a pickle if it can be used .
  5. Old thread revival , but was this ever resolved as i have the opposite issue , Mine does go down and i wish it didn't
  6. Hi does anyone know what the pipe fittings are on the T-Max pump , either the thread size or what the snap fitting is . Dont really want to chop the pipe and fit a standard fitting just yet .
  7. Did anyone ever sort out these thread sizes . .????
  8. Wasn't there some issue of the turbo running away ?? . it was some danger of something going pop .
  9. Heard about this but wasn't to sure about it , So you would advise doing it . , the Plenum thread is as Troll Hunter said 12x1.5 .
  10. Hi does anyone know the thread size of the EGR blanking plate bolts . Ive give a little try and they feel like they will snap like carrots , so think best to have a TAP ready . defender 300tdi , thanks gerry
  11. Thank for that , fantastic . Now i know i can get on .
  12. Hi does anyone know the thread size in the intake manifold at the rear on a defender 300tdi . To take a boost gauge feed .
  13. Looks good , not sure how to wire it up , do I just miss out the coil bit .
  14. Hi i want a bit of extra security so i want to fit an isolate switch on the battery box . Do i switch the poss or neg . i can fit a jumper fuse to keep the radio presets Is there a simple way to not fry the alternator If it was ever switched with engine running . If so how please . thanks gerry
  15. defender 90 300tdi 1996 rear 70cm fitted , new one coming is 69cm i assume closed fully .
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