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  1. Hi does anyone know what the pipe fittings are on the T-Max pump , either the thread size or what the snap fitting is . Dont really want to chop the pipe and fit a standard fitting just yet .
  2. Did anyone ever sort out these thread sizes . .????
  3. Wasn't there some issue of the turbo running away ?? . it was some danger of something going pop .
  4. Heard about this but wasn't to sure about it , So you would advise doing it . , the Plenum thread is as Troll Hunter said 12x1.5 .
  5. Hi does anyone know the thread size of the EGR blanking plate bolts . Ive give a little try and they feel like they will snap like carrots , so think best to have a TAP ready . defender 300tdi , thanks gerry
  6. Thank for that , fantastic . Now i know i can get on .
  7. Hi does anyone know the thread size in the intake manifold at the rear on a defender 300tdi . To take a boost gauge feed .
  8. Looks good , not sure how to wire it up , do I just miss out the coil bit .
  9. Hi i want a bit of extra security so i want to fit an isolate switch on the battery box . Do i switch the poss or neg . i can fit a jumper fuse to keep the radio presets Is there a simple way to not fry the alternator If it was ever switched with engine running . If so how please . thanks gerry
  10. defender 90 300tdi 1996 rear 70cm fitted , new one coming is 69cm i assume closed fully .
  11. This craziness has been going on for at least this last 12-18 months ive been looking . I sold my last 1985 118k 90 4 years ago , it was fully rebuilt 5 years before i got it , nice straight no issues and sold it for £2200 and thought i had done ok . Just got another after searching for one not like what you describe above , And found 1996 105k 300tdi , body work is ok but there's corrosion under the paint in places etc , overall its ok but not as good as my last old girl (maybe 😢) , but had to pay £6800 for it , originally it was listed for 8K . There was a 6000 watt power inverter worth £800 ??? in it a bit of a bonus if i can sell it , But still Silly money , Any less money and were nothing better than scrap . I agree totally mad mad mad
  12. Hi i know the weather is not ideal or where i can do it , but ive only just got the 90 a few weeks back and its got to be done . Ive hand pump sprayed fertan then i got serious and used the compressor and paraffin gun and sprayed 5ltrs of Jenolite in and outside the chassis . Tomorrow getting really serious and spraying Dinitrol ML inside/out . Now after i have sprayed the ML do you think i will be ok to spray the top coat Dinitrol 4941 , it gives it dry + sunny spells tomorrow and i will blast it withe air gun prior to starting . thanks for any reassurance given .
  13. Main thing is i definitely know mine is not a L316 . so must be a LD .
  14. I certainly have , big thanks for the info . Someone thought it refers to the PUMA
  15. Sorry im a bit of a dunce especially since this cancer rubbish i question myself on everything , before i would just of done it . So please have patience with me , Am i right here , i take a wire from the reduntant hi beam plug , via a override switch then to 85 on the relay and wire the relay direct to battery live/earth and live to spots and ok to earth spots to frame . Relay 86 earth (all) 87 live to spots , 30 live from Batt , 85 from redundent plug hi beam via isolator switch to relay .
  16. Hi this maybe a silly question to most , but i cant work out if my 1996 defender 300tdi is a (L316) or a (LD) , So when on e@@y and you do a vehicle parts checker both years etc are the same and i get to if its a LD or L316 im stumped .
  17. Hi Its only so i can isolate the spots , so only on with full beam When i want them on . Sorry I see it now , its the override switch .
  18. Thanks for that , its a relief . Made my night lol . Yes would be just to get the spots to work on full beam with a switch to isolate as normally done . So if I take the high beam of the reduntant to the relay , power the relay from the battery , relay wired to spots , and earth all . Is that it . Unless you know the relay numbers for each . Think my relay is 4 pin , But see some are 5 , Can I switch the relay if its only 4 pins . Again thanks for letting me know I can use the redundant.
  19. Hi can anyone tell me how to wire spots when using a boomslang loom kit . I also have a plug n play spotlight kit , can I use both together , can I use the vehicle o/s headlight plug that's made redundant using the Boomslang , Or just wire spots from scratch if so How please . Gerry
  20. Give me her number I will swap and give her a kiss goodbye , that's the (90)
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