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    200tdi timing marks incorrect?

    Probably unrelated, but I will throw it out there. I think I had a similar issue with an old ford transit diesel engine retrofit many years ago. IIRC it was caused by having the wrong banjo fitting in the Fuel return line. The incorrect banjo had a very small hole internally and was restricting the flow to return.

    Servo problem?

    I was going to reply and say they are different, but I thought I would take the time to actually try this in the vehicle on the move. With out the vacuum hose connected, (so no servo in the system at all) the brakes are scarily bad, worse than they were with the fractured servo. Reminded me of an old Commer caravanette that I briefly owned back in the 80's With the servo plugged back in, the difference is very apparent, chalk & cheese. The brakes feel excellent, certainly the best brakes I have ever had on a Defender. The engine had not been run for at least an hour and a half prior to disconnecting the hose from the servo, but there was still a good vacuum present. Everything clearly works, yet the servo fails the classic servo test. Very strange. Disclaimer: Do not try disconnecting you vacuum hose from your servo while driving 😉 Thanks again, Hippo.

    Defender 200TDI rocker cover bracket?

    Thank you. As I suspected. No such thing as "the wrong place" on a Land Rover.

    New wiper switch question (PRC7370)

    Thank you.

    New wiper switch question (PRC7370)

    Thanks guys. That would explain it. I have not come across these before They did look like normal bolts to me. Very small, around 3mm in diameter but did not seem to have a metric thread or head size. It seems I have learnt something new today. Sneaky.

    Defender 200TDI rocker cover bracket?

    OOPS, seems I put my heater control cables in the wrong place (if there is such a thing on a Land Rover) My cables run along the bulkhead. I would never of guessed that they were attached to the engine. Thanks guys. Not at all important, but, every time I see the bracket on mine, I wonder what it is, and then promptly forget about it until the next time I look at my engine. Mine is RHD or: LHD Land Rovers are not proper Land Rovers and as such do not count 😊

    Servo problem?

    I know, I think this is one of those catch 22 situations. This is at the end of a fairly major over haul, during which the MOT expired, and the vehicle was SORNed. I think I am therefore unable to drive it, other than to an MOT. Also if I understand the new MOT rules correctly, should the MOT result in a Dangerous Fail, then I would not be able to drive the vehicle home. i do not remember MOT time being awkward in the past. Thanks for the replies, your input is appreciated.
  8. On my Defender 200TDI engine, there is a bracket on the top rear of the rocker cover. Item 6 in the picture below. What would this bracket normally hold?

    Servo problem?

    I phoned my MOT station. The tester I spoke with explained that holding the pedal while the engine is started is the test they would use to determine if the servo is good. Defective servo = major fail. Inoperative servo = Dangerous Fail. However when test driven the brakes feel pretty decent.
  10. MR-HIPPO

    Servo problem?

    Update: I have just fitted a new master cylinder and the problem is still haunting me. Rebuilt brake callipers all round. New solid brake lines. New brake flexi hoses. New servo LR013488 (TRW) New master cylinder LR013018 (TRW) New non return valve. STC493 The vacuum pump is not new but seems to work ok, I have also used a known good replacement vacuum pump. The pedal refuses to sink when it is held down (after depleting the vacuum) and the engine is started. This is driving me nuts.
  11. MR-HIPPO

    New wiper switch question (PRC7370)

    To answer my own question: I have just managed to screw the two bolts / machine screws into the un-threaded holes and mount the switch.
  12. I ordered a new Bearmach wiper switch, it is the type with the latching intermittent position ( PRC7370 ) The one i removed was held in place by two small bolts / machine screws that passed through the metal bracket behind the steering wheel and screwed into the metal switch housing. Upon trying to fit the new switch it became apparent that the mounting screw / bolt holes are not threaded. Am I missing something here, or should there be threads in these holes, as per the switch I removed? Without the threads, I am not sure how I could mount this. Many thanks, Hippo
  13. MR-HIPPO

    Servo problem?

    Yes both the new servos look the same as the old cracked unit. The part number of the replacement servos is LR013488
  14. MR-HIPPO

    Servo problem?

    The two new TRW servos are non ABS (LR013018) As for the original cracked unit: The complete pedal box assembly came from an online breaker, so I am uncertain of the original vehicle that the servo was from . Is it possible that my cracked unit (pictured above) is not LR013018? So far I have been unable to find a different servo that looks like my cracked one.
  15. MR-HIPPO

    Servo problem?

    Thank you for the replies. I have tried pushing the pedal a few times prior to starting to deplete the vacuum. I have also tried starting the engine after prising the non return valve out. (and pushing it back in) The pedal simply will not sink. It is certainly easier to press the pedal with the engine running than it is without, and the brakes feel fine when driven.

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