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    Plower electric Defender

    I hope that is for real. Perhaps we will all need to do that in 10 years or so.

    New wiring looms from Autosparks in 200TDI 110

    Is it the glow plug relay you need? If so THIS is the one that is fitted to the 200TDI that I have here.

    New wiring looms from Autosparks in 200TDI 110

    Does it have a ring connection on the other end? If so I would assume that it connects to the main live terminal on the starter motor (effectively straight to battery) There are a a few wires connected there on the vehicle that I have here.

    New wiring looms from Autosparks in 200TDI 110

    OK, after some "testing" this end. 1: Large Brown permanent live (not fused) to power the glow plugs. 2: large Yellow (should be yellow/black?) connects to glow plugs 3: White. fused live (should be live when ignition lights are on) 4: white/red crank engine circuit the thin wire is ignition switch side of the starter relay. (I assume this shuts the timer off if you crank the engine?) 5: Thin yellow/black from to the dash warning light. (earthing this illuminates the warning light)

    New wiring looms from Autosparks in 200TDI 110

    Should be fine, it purely serves as a warning lamp test when you crank the engine. May be a handy way to carry a spare / redundant relay though?

    New wiring looms from Autosparks in 200TDI 110

    There is a brake / transmission oil temp, warning light test relay in the picture in This post, (it is the relay on the left) Wire colours are: 30 black 85 black 86 red/white 87 slate/red 87a black The relay wiring & operation are discussed in the following few posts. @western I guess this is the relay you are referring to.

    New wiring looms from Autosparks in 200TDI 110

    From left to right: (I think) 1: Intermittent wiper relay. 2: --- 3: Headlamp relay 4: Starter relay 5: Flasher relay What colour wires do you have going into number 2? (I can't really tell from that image)
  8. I am curious to see what you fish out of there.

    Chassis maintenance / upgrade

    Good info, I just looked them up, I am sure there will be a few here that are glad to know you can still buy direct from Marsland. Here is the link for KD LandRover: https://kd-lr.com/
  10. MR-HIPPO

    Battery / alternator

    Welcome to the forums. So you have charged the battery and replaced the alternator? I assume that you are reading the voltage across the battery terminals? Is your battery still holding 12.8v? I am no expert, but if it were mine I would check that the main battery cables are fully connected and tight. (at both ends) Check that there is a good earth from the battery to the gearbox / chassis. Check the live terminal on the starter motor to make sure that everything is still properly connected and done up tight. (the main battery +, and live feed from the alternator connect here)
  11. MR-HIPPO

    Need to link the speedo

    @Retroanaconda did a very helpful write up on fitting a TD5 dash to TDI engined vehicles. (many thanks for that) THIS will tell you everything you need to know. (including how to get the TD5 temp gauge to read the correctly when connected to a TDI engine.) Note the link to a wiring diagram half way down. I also have previously given you links to the TD5 wiring diagram and reference library. I doubt many here NEED them every day, but when rewiring a vehicle, they are invaluable. I am certainly no auto electrician, but was able to replace the loom and wire a TD5 dash into my vehicle using the diagrams, (and Retro's fine guide.)
  12. Thanks Western. So the early ones use M6 x25mm (these are the only ones I have come across) And the later ones use No14 x 25mm self tapping screws, and a spire nut. Anyone know what the M6 bolts screw into on the early ones? I guess the changeover was around the same time as the 200TDI?
  13. I made a new gasket for mine when I did my roof. I used some self adhesive closed cell foam (12mm wide & 3mm thick IIRC.) It seems to have worked well so far. The roofs that I have fitted have had threads behind the hole, but the threads move around a little, so I guess it must be a nut plate. (M6) Not sure how the nut plates are fitted, but I assume that they feed in from the front edge?
  14. MR-HIPPO

    Problems re-installing my V8

    Re engine hoist lacking reach. On my hoist, the lifting hook is on a few links of chain that hangs from a bolt. The bolt passes through the lifting arm a little way in from the end, the chain then drops vertically through a slot in the bottom the arm. I managed to get a little more reach by feeding the chain into the end of the lifting arm, and then attaching the chain to the bolt. The chain now comes forward off of the bolt, and hangs out of the very end of the lifting arm. This does not give me loads more reach, but prior to doing this, I lacked the reach to replace Defender engines without first removing the front bumper. Now I can change engines with the bumper still attached to the vehicle.
  15. MR-HIPPO

    New wiring looms from Autosparks in 200TDI 110

    No reason you can't cut the existing wire and put a male spade on the end, that way it will plug into the new loom without any butchering.

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