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  1. It happens in most brake threads. Snagger is clearly safe around brakes.... It ever amazes me how little effect full-time education has the working knowledge of even those you'd think would have been paying attention? As far as I can make out, save for Snagger there's little understanding of braking systems here. Force is factor of friction. Nothing else - this not opinion. It is 'Laws of Physics'. Apply more force, and we improve brakes. Removal of drums will make brakes worse. Remove force and it is required to be replaced. Discs the size of a barn-door, and 18 pot calipers
  2. Ho, hum, if Plod sees it, and sends that down for vehicle inspection I'd be surprised if somebody doesn't take umbrage. They will have seen 3D printers and be less easy to impress. Someone would explain why a pedestrian already cleared for take-off over the bonnet, or looking to land down the side, needs to be swiped by that as well? Mayhaps, they'd be reading printer instruction manuals at the time? Could we expect instructions to remove sharpish? As my other post, our 15YO boy got a printer for Xmas from his mother, and welding-kit from me. Now dubbed the 'shonk-printer' he's bee
  3. Now that he's got going we have context to some of the hints and warning given here. We're in Bedfordshire and I can't wait to get the boy under the wing of a very kindly pro near Ampthill. Meantime he's also going in for a bit of geekdom messing with Macbook Unibody Laptops, and Linux installs, this when he's not sleeping or eating me out house and home. Then again, that's a 15YO for you, and we were much the same at his age. I'm going to set out to get some proper scrap, and now with context, take the advice. He's young enough to have time for making the odd mess, and make way f
  4. Oh, ah... never occurred to me. And someone said too? I thank you all very kindly for wading-in. He ground down the outer, but certainly didn't do the inner. Mind from what I could see, first welds et al, nothing much penetrated right thru' anyway. Looked more like a black 'birdsh*t washer' than any weld,? Only I'm thinking the galv would have got hot enough to atomise into the air and be toxic. If he had any effects he didn't complain. That's not to say... and it's still stupid. Seems 'Proud father' is still capable of messing this up? As I said, post lock-down I've found an old boy, a
  5. Well... finally landed some 5% CO2 and he's made his first weld. He's keen. He's been out there with scrap scaffolding poles, cutting and welding them back together. The first was more bird-sh*t than welding which is to be expected. He gets better. I'm a proud father.
  6. I too see the pain and irritation, and somebody is going to take a hit. Yet, if there's a strong case for it being the supplier's hit over a customer's, or vice versa, I can't see it. Not really, and I do this for a living. There's no real protection and nor should there be. Often it's me that takes the fall, often it isn't. 'tis the name of the game. The difference being, customers tend to cry more.
  7. I see it from both sides, and running a mail-order company, lock-down has both served and murdered me in equal measure. Couriers used to get signatures, now they throw it at my customer's doorstep. When customers don't get their goods, or say they don't, who carries the can? 1) Me the supplier? 2) The customer for not being in to receive? 3) The courier for not insisting on a 'coughed-on' COVID signature? You could argue this one all day, it won't end well for someone. And 'Free Delivery' is a given. In the drive to the bottom, the courier's are half the price t
  8. No. As for heated-screens, if it's a 'daily' I'd regard them as essential. The question left is at what point after delivery, does breakage become the buyer's responsibility? Hours?... days, weeks or years?. That's an easy one. Me? I'd say pretty damned quick.. Insurance or not, glass or not, a courier-breakage claim is going to be deemed valid at delivery, void much after. And if they can weedle out of it, they will. We all would. Insurances companies don't write cheques because we *think* we're entitled. What's needed for damage after delivery is another insurance policy.
  9. I run a coiler NRC4772 servo on 4 x Heystee discs. Mine was undriveable without, and the reason is school-boy stuff,. Friction is a factor of force not area. Without a servo to make-up the force deficit now that the self-servo effect of the drums has been removed, it can't be great. Got to give it to you, you've got balls. Force from the drums now removed, if it's an improvement, what state were the drums in!
  10. Don't suppose it'll be subjected to MOT, hence you'll going to get away with it. Less so today, but the general view used to be that we have social-responsibility.
  11. Well Xmas came and thanks to your help, I got him an RTech 180 MIG. Complete with RTech visor/gloves et al. I've found a just-retired welder in the next town willing to impart his knowledge for a few pennies, so the boy is set. He's just turned 15. Now to wait for COVID to die back a bit, and the lad can start lessons. Meantime, I've got to source gas. Thanks again gents.
  12. Going into a COVID Xmas it can't be a good time to sell 17H lumps, however this just sold on eBay. Many will disagree, and time will tell, methinks someone got a bargain.
  13. ^^ Another old piccy of my set-up. ^^ The standard complaints with the leafer-heater seem to revolve around an old and restricted heater-matrix, a new one helps a lot. Made worse by the asthmatic airflow. The coiler set-up goes some way to solving this, yet LR heaters still aren't famous for their grunt. There's two types of coiler heater-matrix. Be sure to fit the straight-pipe variant. Bit warm for August Bank Holiday...
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