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  1. Same for me, I have a RR classic rear axle on my 90 with 7/16 UNF thread. I learnt this when trying to put metric bolts in.....
  2. Mine have been sitting in the garage for 6 months after reading a similar recommendation at the start of the year. Can’t wait to change them! Thanks for sharing (and for reminding me)!
  3. Yes! They are really sought after and expensive. e.g. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USED-Genuine-Land-Rover-Defender-90-full-front-and-rear-roof-head-lining-2-2-TDC/333771344769?hash=item4db6528b81:g:YtYAAOSwWSZfm-ty
  4. Genuine VDO but without the TD5 decal is much cheaper at around £100, although still not for everyone's budget. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VDO-Cockpit-Vision-Tachometer-Rev-Counter-52mm-6000-RPM-Not-lesser-4000RPM/293666655060?hash=item445fe58b54:g:72kAAOSw3fFeQb0~ I have a cheap one like what @western posted and have had no issues.
  5. I am currently not in the UK so can't take a photo in situ. One bracket goes into the sill top with a support leg into the already rivnutted hole (both shown in red). The rear support attaches at a 90 degree onto the outrigger where the fuel tank is mounted (in blue). Maybe need to chop the 90 degree on off and bolt a bracket to it like @landroversforever says. Idk. Was hoping for an easier solution! 😓
  6. I know, that is the issue. I was hoping that someone on here may found a workaround. I can always attach the one support letter to the chassis and then try and find somewhere to weld a bracket to for the other but it won’t be easy.
  7. Hi, apologies if this has been raised on here before but can't find it searching. I have a pair of the tubular fire and ice style steps that I want to put on my 90. The passenger side one goes on of course no problem (see image). Has anyone any images of how they modified the drivers side one to avoid mounting on the outrigger that the fuel tank is on? I'm certain people must have done this but can't find any good threads on it. Thanks Jake
  8. Wow. I sincerely apologise for upsetting you both with my poor use of language. I’ll do better in future 🙄🤣
  9. @Diff just as an experiment on a long motorway drive yesterday, going 70mph on the clock (so a touch faster as I have bigger wheels) in my 200tdi, I opened up my decimetre on my iPhone. My Landy is soundproofed on front floors, doors and bulkhead but not the roof yet and it was averaging around 83dB. So pretty loud! But like @Retroanaconda I am used to driving large noisy trucks and almost enjoy the noise! 🥴 I’ve never driven a petrol Defender to compare but would be interested in a comparison value.
  10. Congrats mate 👏 You’ve put a serious amount of work into this. Enjoy!!
  11. Ah yes. It seems you did state that already! 📖 my bad!
  12. @ThreePointFive did you have to modify these to fit with your fuel tank on drivers side? I've just bought a pair and working out the best way to fit on my 1989 90
  13. I am losing my mind. Could someone please explain to me Why there are three lips on these seals? Am I being stupid? I can only get the rubber onto the screen with in one of the lips. But I can’t get my head around the rest. I cut the outer lip of my old rubber to remove the glass so cannot compare. Can anyone verify from the images below if I am on the correct lines?
  14. I’ve just found the thread you mentioned. Thanks!
  15. Yesterday I got carried away and decent to take my old windscreen out to repaint. Tomorrow I will be installing my new one. Any advice? Tips and tricks? I will be using the soapy string method and hoping it will work. If I break it, I will seek a professional install, but as an experience, I will try it myself first. Cheers, Jake.
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