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  1. Thank you all for your reply's i will have a look at the one's I've not heard of before i buy.
  2. Hi everyone , just wondering where you get your cable from as the company's i know of have a limited range of colours I go to Halford's , Autospark's or Holden's' it's the one's with trace colours in, or the heavy duty amp's that just seem hard to find only want to buy in small metre's not the whole roll. any help i would be grateful Thank you
  3. Hi Monkie, It is without doubt black its looks grey in the picture i just had a lot of trouble trying to take it and then getting it uploaded just not my thing. The end showing is the dash end the third loom, starting at the rear door with wash wipe and heater ( no 1 ) then coming through chassis ( no2 ) and this one coming into dash via bulkhead and that's the rubbish picture. Cheers
  4. The one on the left is white with piggy back connector the middle one is white with black trace and far right is black which is a ground i suppose , sorry for poor photo quality. but as i said the connections are half the size of standard maybe 2amp Thanks
  5. Thanks Monkie looking very interesting will run though that and see what I make of it. Now I have taken a photo of the 3 wires that are confusing me if anyone knows where they go.
  6. Thank you once again Western, i'am trying to get my head around it, hope to post pics soon
  7. Ok Western thank you, i don't have a yellow cased relay anywhere to be seen but i will try your idea and see what i can find, i suppose you know which color should go to it ?? Thanking you
  8. Hi thanks Maverik have done a lot of research on the wiring colors the sad thing is the makers of the looms don't give any ideas of where they go just say that they ( the looms ) replace what was there but there never has been a loom there before. try and upload some pics very soon. Thanks again
  9. Hi first time posting on site even that i have owned my Landy 90 for over 5 years . My problem is have brought 3 looms from a well known on line site because i put a new back door on with heated window and i put a wiper on plus wash , now i have all the looms coming in the back of the bulkhead i have found homes for some of them but still lost on a few . what do the two very small cable maybe 2amp do, one is black which is ground that i know and the other is white with black trace both have female connectors and the third is all white with piggy back connector. All so looking to powering up second washer bottle motor via switch . have a few problems as it come out of factory with petrol engine and someone replaced with a 200TDi . Having lots of fun must of the time. Thanks
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