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  1. which 35 are you running? on previous landrovers i have run 36" simex on 8j rims, as you say a balance of height width etc and tyre pressure.
  2. They look good . I see they are the extreme treps
  3. thanks all for the help in solving my tyre dilemia , i think i will source another set of boost alloys and then i can have a final decision on the 255 or the crazy treps. As said the Toyo would be a good around tyre as BFG prices have gone through the roof. i am learning towards the 255 i must say
  4. the radial version of the Trep was what i was looking at , it has a higher speed rating and as you say less agressive. i had ran a 1.2 t case for a while but i have a 1.4 back in now and i want the higher gear if possible, my 285 75 R16 BFG measure 31 on the landy. tyre calculator say they shold be 32.8" . so i figured 35s would be about 33 on the landy. 255 85 do look like a good option as i didnt want to go to wide. these state 33.1" on teh tyre calculator
  5. i guess i want it all, traction a true 34/35 inch on a 16" rim and i want them to be quiet lol. i have had 2 sets before but even with pwer tools its always a faff to change them around and they do look good on muds. Retroanaconda do you run 255 ? if so can you measure them if you get a minute?
  6. thank you for the responses, this is the first defender that i have actually put some sound proofing in as it get used for towing, a few trip to work and mainly greenlaning. I should stick with what i have but running 285 75 r 16 they measure at 31 when on the car so being a 110 i get caught up on ruts etc. also i a bit higher gearing would be nice as the td5 putting nearly 200bhp out so runs out of gears quickly
  7. i am looking at changing my BFG muds to some MAXXIS TREPs 35.12.50 R16 the radial version. anyone running these on the road, can they advise on noise levels etc please.
  8. Hi all not been on a while but I ha e a d2 V8 53 plate. It has broken the bottom pull oil pump so that has been replaced and timed up. I've not removed the heads yet but it's not running , I have fuel and a spark but compression is low. Do these engines bend the valves as I am now thinking that's what's wrong
  9. Hi all anyone know who supplies just a 8274 extended drum . I am not interested in air free spool just a +3 inch drum. Googled it and not much luck
  10. new stat in , it goes to 80 degress if i leave idling but i have fitted an electric fan and dumped the viscus
  11. My 12v heater arrived the other day same as the pic listed. I plan on stripping down the heater box and fitting either inside the box or the tunnel, I plan to fit a blower pump also and have them on a variable gain switch and also an isolator so i can just have the blower going in the summer, will post result when i do the work probably before Christmas. before i left work the other night truck was frozen solid, i let it for an hour ( electric fan not running) it was still not up to temp but the heater had defrosted it just about. my P38 would have been 26 degrees by then :-)
  12. i must admit i forget what forum im on half the time :-) i agree on PWM , i plan to do that on mine very soon, waiting for weather to cheer up lol :-)
  13. did you read that bit on page 1 of this thread think you might have missed the bilge in stall pics :-)
  14. which Peugeot you getting the 12v heater matrix from. at wales the weekend -10 and although heater not bad it could do with improvement.
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