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  1. Hi all anyone know who supplies just a 8274 extended drum . I am not interested in air free spool just a +3 inch drum. Googled it and not much luck
  2. i saw a system where you disengage drive to engage the pto. maybe just that type of PTO system but I presume they were all like it, hence my post
  3. i didnt like PTO either as no drive assit, hydra pulls all day same speed not fast to start and slow as the batts drain etc
  4. got fed up with replacing batts , motors alternators.. but i think its safe to say its the drive system and pump that makes a hydra setup a bit the same for electric winches
  5. Redwinch hydra on the right . i would only go back to electric for non competitive offroading. I run a 2 speed Warrior red winch, you dont need the warranty as it wont break simples :-) id also run the single terror. i was lucky to get the extended drum for the warrior but you can get it all for the terrior or the challenger,
  6. great day thanks a lot challenger and the team, see you soon
  7. Will you can do a co driver/truc change but has to be agreed, sure its the same for C4x4 as they are under msa regs but they would need to confirm
  8. cool regarding catering as i was planning my route to include a macds but that makes it easier.
  9. i had to do one in a rush, road side. pair of pilers and a screw driver . put the jack under the chassis and took the weight. put it on the highest setting opened tail gate and set to work, 25 to 30 minutes past all done (as long as your clips at the top are in good order. bit of air came out when i did it . probably should say not recommend but trying to show its easy
  10. buy one already nearly done save some money in the long run, depending what sort of comps your doing
  11. my opinion of this event was it was good to do something different, certainly needed to brush up on map reading. Really well planned and executed. but I would like to see some tougher terrain. i know they need to start somewhere and yeah very different going from challenge events to map reading ( I didn't expect it to be a challenge as i have done these events years ago, I seriously considered taking my P38 as knew they would need to cater for everyone) but for feedback wise, I wont enter future events for next year as for me cost over enjoyment it didn't totally float my boat . never the less i had a good day and went in to it with an open mind, and to gauge if it was an event for me. if we have any new member of the club wanting this type of thing then i would certainly encourage them to take part at the BAMA are very welcoming. hope that doesn`t sound negative but just my feedback on what i like to do when i go out offroading.
  12. im in discussion with FP currently as i have updated the vale of the truck and they are re-quoting, maybe as i am already insured with them??
  13. yeah agreed, a good event, next one is 29th jan Bramley Basingstoke.
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