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  1. Hi all. Could someone please point me in the direction of a better seat to put in the second row of my 110? i seem to remember ages ago reading about it on here but can't remember the details. Thanks in advance . Steve
  2. Hi the magic machine he is referring to is probably walnut shell blasting. with the valve closed it blasts in crushed walnut shells at high pressure and vacuums it out at the same time. Its a common practice now on modern engines that do not have the injector behind the valve. Have a look on YouTube there is loads on it there. I have done them with the valve shut and foaming oven cleaner and a borescope and seal picks to scrape off the worst of it. you must make sure that whatever you use to clear the residue out (I use brake cleaner)does not leak down into the cylinders or you will have a runaway or hydraulic lock. And be careful with the caustic solution. regards Steve
  3. Merry Christmas to you all i am considering getting a light bar but am bewildered by the choice. i know you get what you pay for but the good ones are really expensive. i have a full length brownchurch rack to mount it on. does anyone have any recommendations and/or have one for sale? thanks in advance Steve
  4. Chap called Derek Huxley used to make racing 2 stroke pipes this way
  5. I have recently bought a disco 2 2002 td5 and it's having some electrical problems The front and rear wipers and rear parking sensors don't work nor does the front screenwash And the heated screens. I am presuming that there is a body control module fault Can it be repaired or does it have to be replaced? My wife said the car beeped a couple of times the other day but no warning lights Any advice gratefully received
  6. Has anyone made a jig to repair bulkhead? My son wants to learn to weld so rather than sticking loads of off cuts together I bought a bulkhead with a biblical amount of rust on Are there any dimensions or drawings about to work from? It does not matter if it is useable I just want to do this with him as an actual job so he can learn welding but also how important measuring and checking things are too Also how to fabricate repair panels Thank steve
  7. Wait for a brownchurch one you won't regret it I've had one for 4 years and it's great
  8. Thanks very much I can now order parts I need Very helpful steve
  9. Please could I have the part number for the fork that holds the speedo cable into the transfer box. Also if you could tell me if there should be a seal or o ring under the cable where it fits to seal it Thanks in advance Steve.
  10. Can someone tell me if a discovery tank guard with removeable tow bar will fit my 94 110 300 tdi please? Also does anyone have one to fit mine for sale if not(pref in surrey) Thanks in advance Steve.
  11. Morning I am in the final throws of putting a later transfer box into my 110 300 tdi The new one has a transducer. If I unbolt this will the speedo cable just fit in there or will I have to swap the drive gear in the box too Thanks in advance Steve
  12. Can someone please tell me what parts have to be serviceable on an r380 to use as an exchange unit? I was thinking of an Ashcroft box as they have a good reputation My reverse gear has broken and I don't want to order a box then them tell me that because this part is broken or something else is worn I can't have my surcharge back. I have taken the box out and stripped it to have a look. Has anyone had a similar thing with using ash crofts please? I was hoping I could take it to them and do the exchange once they had assessed my old unit Sorry for all the questions Steve.
  13. Hi I replaced mine in 8mm hose all the way through Steve
  14. hi dave no overdrive 5th is still working and i drove it home thanks steve.
  15. Good morning all.i wonder if this has happened to anyone else my 110 has lost reverse.it goes in but no drive all other gears ok. Does anyone have any thoughts please? Thanks in advance Steve.
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