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  1. Thanks for all your help, after lots of checks i discovered the problem, the head light bulb plug in connectors have a rubber shroud that makes a water tight seal on the reflector, when plunged in its fine, but the vibration works the shroud back and takes the spade connectors with it starting a disconnection.
  2. Hi all, The headlights are not working on my 1977 Lightweight when i switch them on the six position switch, all the other light functions work on the switch but not the headlights. When i rotate the switch i can hear a switch clicking sound between functions, the headlight flasher works so i know the headlights are working. What is the square box under the bonnet with a lot of looks like German writing on?
  3. Keeping all options open in my search, if I didn’t love the green oval so much it’s clear there’s plenty of choice.
  4. I started my search for a RR Classic but it soon became apparent for my budget everyone required a lot of work, pretty much restoration which wasn't part of the plan, the other recommendation a D2 which do come with problems, rust, cylinder heads. All P38 owners i have talked to love em, for me it seems the way to go comparable comfort for a lot less money, {thanks Fridge} pretty much parked on the drive until we take the caravan away the D3 gobbles £'s in tax and insurance. ok i have to expect some electrical issues, as it's not a daily drive i can live with that, the D3 returns 23 mpg when towing not sure about a 4.6!! P38 history is obviously the key thing we buying.
  5. I didn't think this post would generate so many comments for which i am grateful, listening about the pitfalls of the P38 and mostly positive about RR Classic coupled with the fact while sat in my local remembered a chap in the next town that lives Landrovers and is magic with a mig who says he can sort anything i buy it has to be RR Classic, one last question will a 200 TDI cope with my heavy Caravan. Looking forward to searching for one and will keep you posted mind it might take a while!!
  6. My traveling companion is very forgiving and she would be allowed to smoke but no! Very interesting comment Fridge Freezer and does help with all the feed back, the D3 is a very nice car but i had the misfortune to have a turbo actuator fault which kept resulted in the car going into reduced power, because of where it is near impossible to get at without the body off at which point and great expense best to replace the whole turbo, and easy to see how compact the engine compartment is, recent front lower suspension arms, egr valve rear discs, oh and a door actuator has been expensive to say the least, ok it could be argued with all that what else could go wrong, but it does't end there over £500 tax expensive insurance, surely i could keep a P38 on the road for less even given the MPG and have money in my pocket I have had a couple of D2'S got fed up climbing underneath with a can of Waxoil to fight the rust only to be trodden in doors from the drips.
  7. Thank you all for your very interesting and constructive comments, was hoping for recommendations towards a P38 as there is a lot of apparent genuine ones for about 5K clearly from your comments it's not going to be long before i have to start tinkering. 7 seats is not a priority but the caravan is a ton and half, guess all recommendations would cope with that, perhaps i should have headed it which Landrover. I do get paranoid with rust which is why i went the P38 way but as was pointed out 5K is a dangerous amount to pay for any Landrover. RRC would be perfect but not for 5K so will have to rethink and maybe bring my Lightweight rebuilt on a galvanized chassis, bulkhead and vent panel into the equation and they don't simpler than that!! - Surely i could't drop a V8 in and use that, could i !!
  8. Hi All, Just spent a fortune on replacing the turbo on my 58 plate HSE D3 and as its a high maintenance car only doing 3-4 k a year mainly towing the caravan decided to cut my losses and replace it, seems for about 5K there is plenty of choice P38 petrol or diesel even early Range Rovers, i would appreciate you comments, Mike.,
  9. Press the other concealed button.
  10. Hi all, Sure this has been covered many times before, but right now i need mine replaced, have done all the searches realize its a body off job, anybody have any recommendations in the Swindon area, or further a field if the price is right? Mike.
  11. The piece is steel not brass, dug into the pile of receipts, the gearbox was replaced with one from Paddocks 5000 miles ago by a previous keeper, think Cornish rattler has a point this bit was in the sludge at the bottom of the drain plug which has a deep cup so think i'll plod on with it as its working fine.
  12. Just changed the oil on my series 3 gearbox and in the drain plug was this bit of metal !! wonder if any one could identify it? its about 3/8" long x 3/16" square, Runs fine no noise and works as it should, Regards Mike.
  13. Is it possible to get a TD5 disco with no oil leaks or am I going to have to live with a drip tray!!?? very frustrated, done just about everything to stop it - new head (old one cracked) new clutch and genuine LR crank seal/ sump gasket and still a drip from the gearbox to cross member then to my block paving!
  14. Thank you for the info on the valve from a very knowledgeable member, I've now bought a replacement (same no. and genuine Landrover) cant think its ever been changed with a genuine 90k on the clock, so more than happy to replace, Many Thanks.
  15. Hi all, Sorry to ask what is probably an obvious question, but what is the black round plastic part with TOP written on it that fits on the inlet pipe and connects to the cam cover on a D2 TD5 and does it require any maintenance?
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