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  1. 92a

    90 shock absorbers

    I mean they are too short and clunk on the rebound , I measured the landlords 2016 plate 90 and mine ( which has genuine new take off tdci springs) and that’s the dimensions I found, don’t want to argue about lifts etc but don’t want anyone else to waste their money either , tdci chassis rails look thinner where the mountings are
  2. 92a

    90 shock absorbers

    Hi all , Fronts do fit but rears are too short (500mm centres on a tdci and 550mm on mine ) = ☹️
  3. 92a

    200tdi issues

    Hi all again , tried the fuel pin ( if that’s the one under the domed cover ) and it’s free , also tried a fresh tank of fuel and a filter full of Redex, but still would not rev , on fully opened throttle it tried to rev but died off,. I’ve robbed the pump off my defender and it revs up fine with that, Anything else to try on the pump or is it time for a new pump ☹️☹️
  4. Hi all , got a 200 tdi in my series , just changed the cambelt as its been standing for a while before being reconnected and fired up but now it ticks over but won’t rev , does not smoke it’s got no air filter on so it’s not that 🤔 any ideas ? Angus
  5. 92a


    If you put your foot on the brake pedal then start the engine the pedal should go down another inch as the vacuum builds up , If I remember correctly,
  6. 92a

    90 shock absorbers

    Thanks Dave , I’ve agreed to buy them and will post again when they are on 👍🏼
  7. Hi All, can anyone tell me if late 90 (tdci) shocks will fit on an earlier (1990) turbo diesel 90 ? and if not why not ? Thanks Angus
  8. Hi , I'm trying to find the nylon insert that fits in a square hole in the dash pinnacle ( and breaks it ) that the Hot and Cold/ Windscreen or Footwell controls cover fixes to ? Thanks Angus
  9. https://www.island-4x4.co.uk/water-pump-90110-genuine-stc639g-p-5168.html or a genuine Land Rover one for £150 + VAT ?
  10. https://www.island-4x4.co.uk/water-pump-90110-proflow-stc639g-made-p-27494.html How about one of these in a RED Britpart box ? a lot cheaper than Autopost too?
  11. Was planning to slide the transfer box off on some 10mm stud today but found this on Ashcrofts site " Check that the bolts you used to bolt the transfer box to the main box are in the correct positions. It is possible to fit a "longer" bolt in a position which will jam the intermediate gear and prevent it rotating. There are three bolts down each side attaching the transfer box to the main box and it is the middle of the three on the right hand side that causes the problem. On earlier transfer boxes a "stud" was fitted in this position to reduce the possibility of error. Sometimes the stud is omitted on later boxes or rebuilds." This is what had happened, I removed the longer (and slightly damaged bolt) and the gear pulled out as you guys had said it would. New cross drilled gear fitted and all is well again. Thanks
  12. Sorry to resurect this old thread but I have been trying to get my old (and worn ) input gear off tonight but can not, assured by my mechanic they just pull out. Swapped over LT77's at the weekend and noticed the one coming out was really worn on the splines was ok 12 months ago when it went in and hence the new cross drilled gear waiting to go in. Any ideas please ? Thanks Angus (Tried a crow bar but was scared of the outer bearing cage breaking and the rollers going down in the casing)
  13. Hi everyone, I have had a 2nd hand LT77 & LT230 transfer box fitted in my 1990 Ninety as the old gear box jumped out of !st and reverse but now it jumps out of high range in the transfer box for a while after you have been in low range then it sorts itself out. Any ideas on the cause of this would be great, My old LT230 had knackered bearings on the input gear that's why I changed it, Is there some adjustment required ?Thanks in advance Angus
  14. 92a

    300 TDI woes

    Thanks for the ideas put a new(2nd hand) pump on and new (2nd hand ) injectors and it was a bit better, but noticed the top hose from intercooler to inlet manifold was collapsing when it tried to rev so decided to try it as a N/A and found one of the hoses on the way to the intercooler had delaminated and was blocking air flow much better now this hose has been replaced
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