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  1. P A Blanchards have genuine ones (esr3172) not cheap but they will be the best quality,last year I bought both Britpart and EAC, looked identical and both lasted a few months , the 1990 discovery I broke recently probably had its original ones as did the 1998 Wolf 90 project I got before Christmas ?
  2. Sorry to re-open an old post but I have got a wolf 90 chassis ( minus it's A frame ) and assumed these parts would be the same as all the other early vehicles but the usual 3/4 unf bolts are too big for the holes in the chassis , no crow's feet on this one , and I wondered if anyone knows if the later Puma bolts / parts might fit the XD wolf chassis and if ANR4164 will fit an earlier A frame? Thanks in advance, Angus
  3. Have a look on YouTube for removing “Land Rover pump with support tool “ trailer fitter has a good video, it’s the 3 10mm bolts that you take out , you can get the kit on EBay for £20 , I’ve got a spare kit (and pump) if you’re local but I would take the whole pump off rather than trying to dismantle it on the vehicle
  4. Yes it does help , Thanks for the reply 😃
  5. The second transfer box is still the same noise wise as when it went in, I did try a thinner gasket on the PTO cover to increase the preload and this may have helped but it’s still noisy, I am not sure the outer race (in the PTO cover ) was replaced and want to replace it myself so I know it’s been done , just in case this is causing the noise but I have managed to get both a genuine intermediate gear and high speed gear from Italy and hope to rebuild it again with these and the last thrust washers I’ve had squirrelled away
  6. Hi all, I finally connected a boost gauge to my ( discovery) 200 tdi in my 2a, at 60 in 5th ( LT77 on series 3 transfer case) I have 11psi and if I floor it the maximum reached is 16psi before it drops back , I would like to know if this is about right? Gauge is a cheap 2 bar Ebay job not a calibrated one , thanks Angus
  7. That’s the ones but I didn’t know if they were something more exotic than mine and would need different housings etc ?
  8. Any one know what this is for and if it would fit on my 90 10 spline axles , ( 1989 ) Thanks
  9. Thanks, but I started my post on the kid’s Kindle tablet then realised the pictures were on my IPhone 😷
  10. I thought I could add some pictures to my post (but they were on my phone)
  11. Hi All, since I first put the Discovery 200 tdi in my 2a I have never been happy with the different pulley widths ( 13mm on crank and water pump but 10mm on the alternator) and it seemed to eat fan belts as the 10mm ones sat very deep in two of the pulleys. I recently bought and fitted one of these https://gwynlewis4x4.co.uk/product/200tdi-alternator-v-grove-pulley/ and I now use a standard power steering belt ERR810 (Dayco 13A1025) and although I took the water pump pulley off to fit it , as I did it want to strain the bearings , this is just the right length for the disc
  12. Hi are these seals the same seal with 2 different part numbers and massive price difference? or do I need to order both ? Thanks Angus
  13. Sorry all, I didn’t realise Tom was on the forum, it’s the same pair of axles
  14. Any idea how much a pair of Unimog 404 Axles might be worth , I met a guy yesterday who has a pair for sale but have no idea what they are worth , they have been in dry storage for years , Thanks Angus
  15. Hi , can anyone recommend the best people to recondition my 200tdi injectors? Thanks Angus
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