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  1. Hi, has anyone used a set of these ? I am struggling to find a set of galvanised -2" rear shock mounts for my hybrid (Designer Chassis),The shocks I took off were oil filled Woodhead units and the Armstrong gas ones I've bought to replace them would be better with lowered mounts , Thanks Angus
  2. Look on the bright side , that cover might prove to be a great security feature , no one who knows the company would steal the vehicle 😃
  3. Hi, sorry to revive this but I’m still hoping to get my transfer case noise down to an acceptable level , I have put another transfer box in and it’s a bit better but noticed how much the intermediate shaft thrust washers shims had worn in the 100 or so miles before the change over , I’m sure I read that “if the castle nut on the output shaft is not torqued correctly it can make a good gearbox noisy “ I wonder if I need to put more preload on the Ashcroft input gear ( the “PTO” cover they supply in the kit would need a skim to do this ) If any one has any ideas I’d love to hear them ? Or a rea
  4. Try lubricating the pivot points and shaft (take the top off the turret under the bonnet to get lubricant in the right place ) and protect any carpet you may have from drips
  5. M16 , I thought you were going over to knock in ones ? FRC7577 60mm , but not 9/16 R
  6. Longer studs are available on Paddocks website, I've just had to put some in the rear of a series 3 that is going to be fitted with thicker "wolf"rims,
  7. Thanks for your replies, I’ve got exactly what oneandtwo describes, I hoped that they would be more valuable than £40 each ☹️
  8. Hi All, anyone good with these ? bit that goes in the gearbox looks good pictures 1 and under the top plate looks like picture 2, I can’t see any pitting on the big teeth but are the small ones ok ? Thanks Angus
  9. The 5speed is still in place I only pulled the transfer case off and this one was the donor for the replacement transfer box ,it seems to have been reconditioned and it also yielded an overdrive with good splines and that’s destined for the “For Sale” pages as soon as I remember where I put the linkage , the replacement transfer box seems quieter too 😃
  10. I’m just taking it apart now, so far so good, intermediate shaft thrust washers still had grease behind them so hoping someone has been in here recently or it’s not been in the car long before it came out , this is the logo on the main box , not sure if that helps date it ?
  11. Yes , I’ve not seen a series main box for years so not sure what markings it should have , it’s also got a steel drain plug in the transfer box cover rather than a brass one
  12. Guess I have to try this one ? I can’t find any numbers and the main box has had a bit welded in at some time , came out of a series 2a but it has series 3 bell housing,
  13. Hi , I’ve got a set of 5 ANR1534 rims with road tyres that I was told came from a rapier but I’m sure I read that Vass had loads of sets and sold them as snatch “ wheels from Northern Ireland vehicles ? Anyone know which they fitted or if they could be from either vehicle? Angus
  14. Hi , after years off the road I have finally got the “series “ back together, The transfer box was full of water so was rebuilt with EAC parts and a new genuine output shaft and it’s associated gear ( blue box but old stock) along with a used intermediate gear as mine had rusted solid and turned the shaft in the casing , it’s got an Ashcroft 5 speed kit and input gear and it’s really noisy now ☹️, I’ve checked the intermediate gear play and it’s minimal , the preload on output shaft was set up as per green book ? The new intermediate shaft did not have any lateral movement in the casing , I’v
  15. Thanks just searched and found 552575 £21.95 from Blanchards plus a bit of postage and the VAT,
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