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  1. Thanks,The pressure vessel is dated 1981 but I will try them on Tuesday , I managed to get the valve apart and left the bits soaking in “Evaporust” so I’ll see what it comes out like , but I guess it will need some treatment to stop it rusting again?
  2. Thanks , I did have a quick look but hoped someone might have a supplier they’d recommend
  3. Hi , I’ve just got an elderly Clarke MK230 it’s got a problem with the non return / check valve letting air back into the cylinder and then it struggles to start up, I’ve taken it out but it’s really too rusty to try to dismantle it, anybody know where to get one ? I think it’s 1/2” male into the tank with a 1/2” female and a 1/8? tapping for the unloader pipe , Thanks Angus
  4. Think you can rob the “loom “ you need off a disco 1 rear door ?
  5. Western did a great write up on fitting the later ( cheaper ) version
  6. I couldn’t find anything with the same number as the sender so I have ordered the only Smith’s one I could find and it’s turned up and has got a different number on it anyway,
  7. The red and white is the wire that starts the engine,I would pull this off and see if it cranks when you reconnect the battery, (this terminal should only have 12volts when you are turning the key to start the engine)
  8. Hi, I’m trying to sort out a friend’s Rover V8 powered series 2a and can’t get the Smith’s oil pressure gauge to work , the sender will not come out without taking the engine mount off , I would like to know which one I need to buy to replace it ? Thanks Angus
  9. I’ve got a series one exactly as shown on the 90/110 column in my series 2a and it fits and works perfectly ,
  10. That plate is behind the cover and its outer face is level with the two outer faces so the nato hitch squeezes the cover to that plate and it’s welded on , also to get to it you need to take the rear tub mounts off , I’ve got the same problem 🤔
  11. The Wolf has a separate cover over the actual cross member only the “nato” holes go through on my one , I am not sure if this complicates things?
  12. Can anyone tell me what the part number is for the captive nut in the front wing that the radiator grill panel bolts to ? I used a bolt instead on the last one and I would like to do it properly this time, thanks Angus
  13. The front timing case , manifolds etc are easily swapped between defender and discovery blocks the 12L refers to what it went in originally, post up some more pics or have a google or look on ebay to work out what timing case you have then you can get the right bits ,
  14. P A Blanchards have genuine ones (esr3172) not cheap but they will be the best quality,last year I bought both Britpart and EAC, looked identical and both lasted a few months , the 1990 discovery I broke recently probably had its original ones as did the 1998 Wolf 90 project I got before Christmas ?
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