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  1. You could try this off EBay ?
  2. I just carry a roll of the tube behind the seats (with a fan belt ) and change all three pipes if one leaks , costs almost nothing and could be done every time you change the fuel filter , (I bought a genuine one recently and that still had the braided rubber pipes)
  3. I wonder if only 110s had the M in the vin? My white 90 used to say estate on the V5 but the 7th letter is B?
  4. Thanks, any idea what thread it should be ? I have never had anything to do with a V8 before
  5. Hi , I’ve gone back and stuck a pencil in the hole , I put a cable tie in the hole and it went right into the block , the pencil seems to go through the outer cover them stop so I wondered if there’s a thread in there?
  6. Hi, I’m struggling with a friends series v8 conversion , I’ve been chasing an oil leak which everyone thought was from the power steering , but I have just seen where it’s coming from, this is looking upwards and there is a hole next to the sump bolts (between the webs ) that oil spits out of, any ideas why ? Thanks Angus
  7. also a look in the fuel filter to see if it's full after a run can be worth a try , I've just replaced the lift pump on my 300 tdi as mine was only half full and wouldn't bleed on the lever , filter is full and bleeds up easily now
  8. I've also put a Glencoyne spacer on my 200tdi , mines in a series , seemed to help on the long drag up the M25 slip road to J8 at Reigate , just seemed to have a bit more power and a few more MPH all the way up, this my favourite place to check the performance of my Land Rovers
  9. I put a set of used Puma doors on my 90 , If you keep and eye out on eBay and buy two doors rather than wait for a pair they can still be found for sensible price , mine came as a pair in the right colour for under a grand last year , just make sure who you buy from
  10. I pull the coils apart a little and then holding one end in place work the spring round gradually with a blunt screwdriver but it is a fiddly job
  11. Thanks for the ideas, the washers were put there as the crimped part of the hose hits the ram (not by me) the other hose has a much better end on it seems to have a seal built in I don't know why the manufacturer didn't do the same on both? The holes in the ram are different sizes so they can't get muddled up , I'll try to get some Dowty washers and see if that improves things ,
  12. Hi , I’m trying to get a friends 2a finished off but although he has spent a lot of money it still has major issues, He had power steering fitted but to get the hose to fit at the ram end they have put three copper washers as spacers but these leak any ideas of a suitable fitting that would work in place of these ? Thanks Angus
  13. Not sure why your’s was round the other way ? but if you’re pushing out original bushes you can push the centre metal sleeve and rubber bit out then cut the “outer” sleeve to weaken it and collapse it inwards ( don’t cut into or damage the panhard rod )
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