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  1. Not sure why your’s was round the other way ? but if you’re pushing out original bushes you can push the centre metal sleeve and rubber bit out then cut the “outer” sleeve to weaken it and collapse it inwards ( don’t cut into or damage the panhard rod )
  2. Old post but recently found this,
  3. I've got these from Island 4x4 or Blanchard's before just see who is cheaper with the postage and packing ?
  4. I have one just above the alternator on my 300 tdi ? ( but does not mean it should actually be there ) There’s a couple across the top of the bell housing too?
  5. Sykes Pickavant for the flaring tool or get them made for you ( if you can find this guy on eBay I have had stuff from him before )
  6. My 1989 TD 90 has always been a car and LEZ exempt but now comes up as not meeting the requirements but luckily the series 2a is classed as historic so can even go into the ULEZ,
  7. Hi , I’ve been cleaning up some discovery 1 axles and found the number 14R90 stamped on the front diff , anyone else seen this ? The paint on the front diff looks so much better than the rear ? Thanks Angus
  8. Thanks,The pressure vessel is dated 1981 but I will try them on Tuesday , I managed to get the valve apart and left the bits soaking in “Evaporust” so I’ll see what it comes out like , but I guess it will need some treatment to stop it rusting again?
  9. Thanks , I did have a quick look but hoped someone might have a supplier they’d recommend
  10. Hi , I’ve just got an elderly Clarke MK230 it’s got a problem with the non return / check valve letting air back into the cylinder and then it struggles to start up, I’ve taken it out but it’s really too rusty to try to dismantle it, anybody know where to get one ? I think it’s 1/2” male into the tank with a 1/2” female and a 1/8? tapping for the unloader pipe , Thanks Angus
  11. Think you can rob the “loom “ you need off a disco 1 rear door ?
  12. Western did a great write up on fitting the later ( cheaper ) version
  13. I couldn’t find anything with the same number as the sender so I have ordered the only Smith’s one I could find and it’s turned up and has got a different number on it anyway,
  14. The red and white is the wire that starts the engine,I would pull this off and see if it cranks when you reconnect the battery, (this terminal should only have 12volts when you are turning the key to start the engine)
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