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  1. When I was last up at Allisport. They were Tig welding AN fittings onto a V8 front cover and coolers for a customer. It was according to them cheaper and easier for fittings and some of the Landy pipework is No Longer Available.........If you find a work around let us know...
  2. https://digidash.co.uk Vaughan turns them around very quickly. You won’t get a true zero but he can get it to 10-20miles from zero.. In respect of capacity increase... the 4.0 on Megasquirt is a very driveable unit even on an auto. If I’m sensible. It’s all you need with brakes and steering designed in the 1970’s, stolen from the Range Rover and grafted to a 90. Hmmmmmm V8 Developments do a 5.5L Rover V8. Now that would be a upgrade for economy.......
  3. I'd be tempted to get the block sleeved. ie top hat from Turners or Automotive. Sling a 4.6 crank in it. Fit 4.6 little ends in the pistons. Maybe get the heads cleaned up a bit. For fuel efficiency of course. The engine will last you and you'll know its good...............
  4. Sent. However there will be differences depending on what injectors, PWM setup, Lambda or Wide band... etc etc. However as you've already had it running your big hurdle is conquered.... Its just a matter of Tuning. Once you've finished getting your hands oily......
  5. Have sent you a message using the facility on this forum. Files waiting for your reply.
  6. Yes of course. you can have my fuel table and ignition table. Also don't forget to check the lifters when the Cam is fitted you might need some pedestal shims.
  7. Doing a grand job here. At least once its screwed back together you'll know its good for a few years.........
  8. You’re actually at a really good stage.. It runs, you have scratch built a wiring loom and made an oddity of components work together. Tapping noise aside. Im sure it’s been said already. Check the timing using Tunerstudio and a timing light. Once you know that’s bang on and correctly calibrated in the ECU move on. Don't do what I did and try and tune it all at once. Also ensure when the engine is running and trying to tune it. Make sure everything is switched off in Tunerstudio. For instance I was trying to tune the fuel and things like MAT or WUE compensations were a
  9. Page 3 of this build shows my initial investigations into Defender V8 automatic gearbox oil cooler pipes. I had a pipe made up by Pirtek. It worked but it was in the way of the winch bumper mounting bolts. Whilst the rad was off for repair it got a revisit. So as far as I can work out from the parts manuals and the collection of pipes I have You have 2 options. Depending on the use of the radiator cooler and remote cooler. 50th Anniversary. Cooler as manufactured by Allisport. Auto box to remote oil cooler ESR4219 OS Auto box to remote oil cooler ESR4218 NS ##### Doe
  10. I’m biased but Old Man Emu. Here’s a chart that might help if you go to another manufacturer. The issue is the v8 is much lighter than say the tdi engine. Lots of resellers will just do a 2 inch lift which on the v8 might be a bit high. OME sell V8 specific so it will be right. You get what you pay for and they don’t break like other manufacturers. There are quite a few sets of Genuine delivery mileage springs on eBay that may suit. There is a colour chart somewhere on this forum. Enjoy
  11. Fresh air intake finished off today. I used the standard wing vent and grafted the water drain Valve from the td5 air box. It’s connected to some pipe. A 75mm flange was mounted in the back and connected to the hose. I originally bought some spiral bound silicon hose. But I was very difficult to route. Some heat resistant pvc pipe was much much cheaper and easy to route. You’d never know !!!
  12. Yep. Good call. Some will love the SVX wheels more, but for me these are just right. The difference between 235 85r16 (os) and 265 75r16 (ns)
  13. I do wonder if I will actually notice the difference between it and the Td5 setup. I’ve been following yours closely as it’s very similar build. Thanks For the compliment...
  14. Many thanks. Appreciate the feedback. One day I hope to have a workshop. My knees can’t take much more concrete.
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