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  1. So a friend of mine was offered an old Landy. It’s been sat in the back of a garden in pieces for some years. Due to a turn of events I now have another project in the shape of a 1981 series 3 2.25 petrol. This isn’t quiet the Series 2 or Range Rover Classic that was planned. Why oh why can’t I say No......... Here is the planned end result. Hmm 7 years from now.
  2. So this is why I think the O2 sensor is not lasting long. Its inserted too far............. I took off the Y piece and welded in the innovate bung supplied with the LC2 Kit. As you can see now out of the way. let's see.
  3. One thing that I have to rethink though is the o2 Sensor. 2000 miles and its dead. I've just discovered its f++ck@d after the AFR readings were mental when driving, either constantly in the red or not registering. I took it out and calibrated it, the LED of death on the Innovate controller displays 8 red flashes (Sensor Timing error (typically a damaged sensor) I have recently had a bit of a tidy up and found the original packaging the Innovate came in. In the box was a wide band bung. During the exhaust fitting I welded in a bung I had in the workshop. Guess what its about half the length of the supplied unit. The Bung I have welded in means the sensor is well in the firing line of gas as its screws in too far. It should sit thus So job next weekend. Take off the Y piece buy a new sensor, weld 1" bung in and hope it lasts longer.. Oh and buy some more gas for the welder...... I'm hoping this works as the Bosch sensors are not cheap. I've played with my timing settings and now the tuning is out. I've retarded the timing and now it revs without that initial hole but fueling is out............ More to do...
  4. Okay so it all seems like I got everything right. Well I didn't ............. The vehicle for any sort of use is terrible. I'd totally missed one major and obvious requirement. CUP HOLDERS The NAS console is a copy the US version. Below is a genuine version and it has two cup holders in the Passenger footwell. The Ashcroft Console has two cup holders apparently. Ahhhhh here they are. Unfortunately I'd left the rear bulkhead in so you can't use them. Plus I'd be reaching behind myself for coffee... I will admit I toyed with loads of options and even decided to live with it and just buy a sealed cup. However a can of Coke on a hot day sealed the fate that I really needed some. I looked at all the options and ended up going the Genuine Parts route.. Expensive and rare but Discovery 2 cup holders were required in Black. Its taken nearly 6 months of searching (at the right price) to find a new set. Spent days toying with where to put them everywhere is a compromise and in some places they stop the diff lock from engaging or jam your forearm when using the handbrake. So they ended up next to the shifter. I'm not allowed to get fatter or my leg won't fit but I'm happy, very happy with the results and they look like they should be....
  5. MPG.......... I drove a Trailer to Dorset this summer and it rained all week............ However it delivered 15mpg. Which even though the tuning is still work in progress was a result . Its performed a lot of towing duties and its does it easily. Not as easily as the 110 TD5 with a Map. It just needs a few more revs....
  6. 1000 mile mark saw and oil change. Engine oil and filters were easy enough. The Diffs had been completely stripped blasted, Zinc'd welded new internals etc etc..... I'd fitted Nigel's Super magnetic plugs and they were doing their job well..... I will change the EP90 again this month and keep an eye on the muck....
  7. The Speaker system ended up with a Stereo Upgrade. The standard Land Rover stereo although functional didn't do a lot......... I toyed with mechanical screens and such like and ended up fitting an Alpine Car Play unit ilx-f903d Its excellent. It has everything imaginable and I can even mirror Memory Map from my phone to the screen when off roading. (When I get brave enough to face Mud) Buttons remain accessible and the unit doesn't stick out that much. Compared to motorised screens there is no movement in the screen or dash so no wobble when driving....
  8. Occasionally the Summer of 2019 threw up enough weather to go fishing and get the hood off....
  9. 2000 Miles and a bit have passed and so far so good. The vehicle has been great fun and turns heads. I thought I'd better pick up where I left off... Almost a year ago... Mechanically the car has been excellent. The Vehicle did however develop a clunk every time you came to a stop or pulled away. Its a typical A frame ball joint noise. However after looking everywhere and wiggling everything. I found out one of the chassis to radius arm bushes had failed badly. (Not sure if they were Blue Part). A couple of hours had them all replaced and the clonk had gone. Now I had mentioned on here how poor the stereo was. Driving with a Soft top meant It couldn't be heard. I fitted a set of JBL GTO 529's in each corner. The fronts needed a speaker spacer otherwise you end up hacking most of the lower dash away to fit them. Sound wise they are excellent and reasonable value for money if you can get an online discount. Behind the Passenger seat I found space to fit a matching Slimline JBL BassPro SL unit and the system now sounds excellent. A bit over the top for some but great sound even with the roof off. Its fixed in place and pinned to the bulkhead by the passenger seat.
  10. Just an update on gearing and Speedo. The speedo was indicating 50mph when the gps was showing a true reading of 46. This is, I believe within the 10% margin of error. But we can do better than that.. I got a Healtech Speedo healer. The version I found has a loom supplied. It’s simple to fit. All you do is fit the new loom between the transducer mounted on the transfer box and the transducer plug. It’s plug and play. To set it up you need to know what the true speed is and what the displayed speed is. You download the App and enter your findings Hit the generate button and follow the instructions to programme. Results are spot on. if you change tyre size or transfer box or like I did Pinion and Crown Wheel then this is simples.
  11. The seats have to be comfy. L322's spend a lot of time on their bump stops...….. I can say that as an owner of several more modern Land Rover products...…………..
  12. I have been fiddling with some minor success with the WUE, ASE Taper and ASE Percentage. Tuner Studio has a Warm Up Enrichment auto tune feature. I did find however the suggested values after tuning very weak. My car needed a lot more fuel on the cold start than was being suggested. The After Start Taper was set to 400 cycles. Which is why the car would die after 3ish seconds. I doubled the cycles to 800 which doubled the time the engine was running so other settings could come into play like PWM and Enrichment settings. I'm sure these can be tweaked more but for now it starts on the button settles to 950rpm and then drops nicely to 800 ish rpm. Someone with far more knowledge than I on this forum had explained that all of these settings are like layers. After a while these things start to make a bit more sense. I'm sure that there is more fine tuning and the next proper cold snap will require me to fiddle some more. These settings have affected the PWM and I had to drop the Idle Duty down a couple of percent to drop the revs. Again the changes have affected the Fuel Table slightly and a retune via Tune studio has sorted out some of the lower cells. The only bit left to suss is the MAT heat soak, although better. It fluctuates after a hot start for 3-4 seconds it used to do it for 10-15 so these settings have helped. Tuning wise, It's costing me a fortune. Empty bits of road and WOT tuning really makes a dent in the fuel gauge...……... One thing I have noticed. A drumming noise comes from the engine bay. I thought the worst and thankfully have tracked it down to the fuel regulator. It Pulsates in operation. The use of braided hoses prob hasn't helped. Does anyone know if this is normal behaviour do they all make noise ?
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