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  1. When I put the vehicle back together I’d omitted to pay any attention to the wipers and wheel boxes. They got a bit of fresh grease and screwed back together. The wipers were sweeping all over the place and parked in various positions. They moved in the wind and reacted to bumpy roads........ The wheel boxes suffer in 2 ways. The gear wears out on the drive cable increasing the play. Also the spindle slowly corrodes itself to the housing. This ageing produces a nice brown grinding paste that speeds up the wear and tear. I ordered a pair of these. From www.designdevelopmenteng.co
  2. I’m not a fan of chequer plate. However the wing tops always feel a bit weak and appear a bit vulnerable. Best of the bunch in my opinion and as close to OEM is Mammouth. The kit comes with all fittings and you can order the foam backing to stop water collecting between the wing and the plate. The camera lies. You can’t see the foam when looking at the vehicle. Excellent fit and quality fittings. You can’t really see it but the wing tops are bent in two planes to ensure perfect fitment. I’m slowly accepting it’s existence.
  3. Good idea the sound deadening... The pattern door card fittings are different from the LR ones. The fir free fittings for the pattern door cards are very easily broken. Plus they can snap the door card mounting. I got some of these and it helped when adapting the door card to fit. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20x-Land-Rover-Discovery-Plastic-Clips-for-Rear-Door-Trim-Panel-Door-Card-Stud-/371405332791?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 Water shedders £10 from here https://www.lrparts.net/ejd500620-right-hand-front-inner-door-shedder-for-land-rover-defender-fits-from-2002-onwar
  4. Allisport sent out a replacement rad for my leaking one. So far so good. The only difference between old and new. They have moved to the fan switch to the near side. Which meant a bit of wiring. The old one shows damage where I’ve been constantly tightening the jubilee clips to get them to seal. This time I gave it the lightest of tightens and so far so good. fan switch part number for anyone interested
  5. The pattern door panels although looking okay have never been a great fit. They are a hard plastic and you notice it. As you are basically part of the door when driving. The panels also drum a little with noise. They also sit low and rub against the Wright matting. I bit the bullet and ordered genuine door cards. Just for information. The door fittings Are called SNAPSAC’s . There are various qualities around. The white ones are easy to fit and come in a blue packet with Br*tp@rt packaging. Steer clear. They do not grab the male insert adequately. The ones you want are the beig
  6. Somethings gone wrong here..... Maybe a grown up can fix it but for now.
  7. Finally I've sorted out the final piece of the puzzle. NAS rear step. There are lots and lots of NAS steps out there. Some with checker plate some with universal fitting kits and questionable quality. I managed to source a OEM NAS step with the correct 90 fitting kit. Quality is superb with the correct rubber step that collect water, traps it and rusts out the step.......... The bracing is inch bar and the fitting kit is very good quality. I used to have one of these. Dixon Bate Adjustable hitches so it was just a matter of undoing a fe
  8. When I was last up at Allisport. They were Tig welding AN fittings onto a V8 front cover and coolers for a customer. It was according to them cheaper and easier for fittings and some of the Landy pipework is No Longer Available.........If you find a work around let us know...
  9. https://digidash.co.uk Vaughan turns them around very quickly. You won’t get a true zero but he can get it to 10-20miles from zero.. In respect of capacity increase... the 4.0 on Megasquirt is a very driveable unit even on an auto. If I’m sensible. It’s all you need with brakes and steering designed in the 1970’s, stolen from the Range Rover and grafted to a 90. Hmmmmmm V8 Developments do a 5.5L Rover V8. Now that would be a upgrade for economy.......
  10. I'd be tempted to get the block sleeved. ie top hat from Turners or Automotive. Sling a 4.6 crank in it. Fit 4.6 little ends in the pistons. Maybe get the heads cleaned up a bit. For fuel efficiency of course. The engine will last you and you'll know its good...............
  11. Sent. However there will be differences depending on what injectors, PWM setup, Lambda or Wide band... etc etc. However as you've already had it running your big hurdle is conquered.... Its just a matter of Tuning. Once you've finished getting your hands oily......
  12. Have sent you a message using the facility on this forum. Files waiting for your reply.
  13. Yes of course. you can have my fuel table and ignition table. Also don't forget to check the lifters when the Cam is fitted you might need some pedestal shims.
  14. Doing a grand job here. At least once its screwed back together you'll know its good for a few years.........
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