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  1. Just an update on gearing and Speedo. The speedo was indicating 50mph when the gps was showing a true reading of 46. This is, I believe within the 10% margin of error. But we can do better than that.. I got a Healtech Speedo healer. The version I found has a loom supplied. It’s simple to fit. All you do is fit the new loom between the transducer mounted on the transfer box and the transducer plug. It’s plug and play. To set it up you need to know what the true speed is and what the displayed speed is. You download the App and enter your findings Hit the generate button and follow the instructions to programme. Results are spot on. if you change tyre size or transfer box or like I did Pinion and Crown Wheel then this is simples.
  2. The seats have to be comfy. L322's spend a lot of time on their bump stops...….. I can say that as an owner of several more modern Land Rover products...…………..
  3. I have been fiddling with some minor success with the WUE, ASE Taper and ASE Percentage. Tuner Studio has a Warm Up Enrichment auto tune feature. I did find however the suggested values after tuning very weak. My car needed a lot more fuel on the cold start than was being suggested. The After Start Taper was set to 400 cycles. Which is why the car would die after 3ish seconds. I doubled the cycles to 800 which doubled the time the engine was running so other settings could come into play like PWM and Enrichment settings. I'm sure these can be tweaked more but for now it starts on the button settles to 950rpm and then drops nicely to 800 ish rpm. Someone with far more knowledge than I on this forum had explained that all of these settings are like layers. After a while these things start to make a bit more sense. I'm sure that there is more fine tuning and the next proper cold snap will require me to fiddle some more. These settings have affected the PWM and I had to drop the Idle Duty down a couple of percent to drop the revs. Again the changes have affected the Fuel Table slightly and a retune via Tune studio has sorted out some of the lower cells. The only bit left to suss is the MAT heat soak, although better. It fluctuates after a hot start for 3-4 seconds it used to do it for 10-15 so these settings have helped. Tuning wise, It's costing me a fortune. Empty bits of road and WOT tuning really makes a dent in the fuel gauge...……... One thing I have noticed. A drumming noise comes from the engine bay. I thought the worst and thankfully have tracked it down to the fuel regulator. It Pulsates in operation. The use of braided hoses prob hasn't helped. Does anyone know if this is normal behaviour do they all make noise ?
  4. HI. This is the second 90 that I have put this OME suspension setup on. Fronts 2761 Rears 2764 I've only done about 250 miles with this vehicle and it has settled down well. Especially after putting the correct air pressure in the tyres. I'm not sure if the isolation rubbers do much but it is a very smooth ride.... Pro's. Gives a 2 inch Lift Handles the weight of the Winch Bumper and lightweight aluminium engine Corners Flat Handles a large Ifor Trailer easily No need for anti roll bars No notable changes to steering geometry (self centres and steers accurately for a 90) Gives enough room for 255 85r16 tyres Con's Gives a 2 inch Lift Ride is a little choppier Expensive (compared to OE) Its a bit of a clamber in for short a r s e's On another update. The Megasquirt tune is getting better and better. After tweaking the kick down cable. The Tunerstudio can reach a few more cells and this truck really zips about. Cold start is getting there. I still need a few more tweaks to rid the 'First start of the day syndrome' Hot starting is better again more tweaks required. These two appear to be the most difficult to get right......... It looks like TFL do not communicate with the DVLA. I'm building up quite a collection of these. Our D3 is going to have to go, Sadiq does not like smokey diesels in the capital. I ain't putting a petrol lump in that.
  5. Have a look here, I'm still struggling to get them to sit right
  6. I’m using Tuner Studio. Thanks for posting those settings mine were a fair bit different. That’s given me a base to work from.
  7. Hi I have played with this and so far so good.. my my settings are a little guessed as I’m struggling to get a reaction in time from the O2 sensor before it settles down. However I’m on track thanks to you. What I’m now looking into is first start of the day. It runs and conks out. Restarts and then warms up perfectly. There is a whole section in the forum about this problem. Its a bit old and I dont appear to have the same settings in regard to cranking and pulse. Any ideas. Thanks in advance.
  8. Your'e awesome, thats exactly the symptoms I am suffering. I'm running MS2. Thanks Again............
  9. My goal has always been to pop it back to Robs’s place. The patch of oil on the gravel has gone..
  10. So I’m getting better results with the tuning. It’s pulling much better and running well. WUE is slowly getting there. With each cold start. Can anyone point me in the direction on how to sort out hot starting. It starts but idles poorly when restarting. Sometimes it stalls especially if I don’t wait until it’s settled down..
  11. No criticism taken. I have been thinking about changing the springs to a lighter rate. Which means the winch will probably go into storage... I quite like the look of the Bowler type front bumpers. If I change the springs I don't want to end up having to add anti roll bars. Or I could paint the winch Black. it will blend in slightly better For now though I want to get on top of the Megasquirt tuning and just see how it is as a daily driver. Oh and recover the seats. Upgrade the stereo rubber matting in the rear etc etc . It never ends..
  12. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183098922879 Was the only one I could find Next Day delivery
  13. So today was a good day. The car went for MOT and passed. The tester was a top bloke and we had a long chat. I had to apologise as the auto tune has now affected the warm up. It’s a bit fluffy now. It played up for him mid warm up and kept konking out. Thankfully he’s a race car nut and understood what was going on. Second good thing. The V5 arrived with all the amendments. Phew. Strange though the MOT computer still shows the car as a 2.5 diesel. Obviously not updated as yet.
  14. Thanks Chris. The engine crane was invaluable.
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