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  1. The mounts for the gbx are handed so can't get them on wrong side, heights would all be wrong, thanks for the suggestion. I've had a good look back through photos of when I took it all to bits and reckon the engine mounts are too far forward. as Snagger says. Backed this up with a test fit of the bulkhead and the bell housing to gearbox flange was too far forward relative to the bulkhead. Going to re-drill the holes in the engine mount brackets as far back as I can allowing room to fit the nut underneath. I will still need to slot the transfer box mounts forward by 10mm but reckon
  2. I have a 1997 300tdi 90 that I am fitting a Richards chassis too, taking time to do a good job and spent a lot of time cleaning and painting as I go. A big day came today and I went to refit the engine and gearbox assembly to the chassis... and it doesn't fit. With engine mount bolts in their holes, the mounts on the transfer box sit a good inch forward of the holes. I can't see and adjustment in crossmember that would make up this distance. Other than elongating the 4 holes to make it all fit I can't think what to do. Anyone got any other ideas? Cheers.
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