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  1. Terryh

    Chassis change - bulkhead don't fit

    Ok so gave jacking the bulkhead apart a go and it worked. Lifted the bulkhead and fitted the bolt at the drivers side. Used a small bottle jack, some wood to prevent any damage and with some fiddling got the passenger bolt through. There was a bit of creaking as the bulkhead flexed but nothing to worry about. Just need to get it off again and paint it now! Thanks for all the replies 👍
  2. Terryh

    Chassis change - bulkhead don't fit

    So seems my mistake was welding in the new footwells with the bulkhead off the chassis. Didn't think about it at the time and I also had the chassis stored somewhere else whilst I worked on the bulkhead. I think I will try and spread the legs of the bulkhead to make it fit. I don't have a hi-lift jack so will need to have a think about how I will do it. Will be another 10days or so until I get back to having some time to work on it again so in the meantime any other ideas gratefully received.
  3. Hello all, Been an avid reader on here for a few years and always found it to be a great source of guidance and inspiration so thank you all very much. I own a '97 90 300tdi that I am in the process of a complete rebuild onto a galvanised Richards Chassis. Attempted to fit the bulkhead to it yesterday.... only to find the bulkhead doesn't fit :-( The holes in the chassis are 12mm further apart than the holes at the bottom of the bulkhead A pillars. The bulkhead is the original item although I have welded in new footwells and had it galvanised. Whilst never expecting a perfect fit, 12mm does seem to be a bit much to force the A pillars apart to make it fit. Wondering if anyone has come across a similiar problem and can offer any guidance as to whats best to do? Chassis measures 1505 mm hole center hole to center. Bulkhead measures 1493 hole to hole center.
  4. Terryh

    OT Skoda Gearbox Question

    I ran a 54plate golf with DSG from new to +80k miles and never had any issues with it. Thought it was a great gbx in auto or flappy paddle mode. Having said that at the same time I knew of an Audi A3 with same gbx/engine combo that suffered at times from delayed/stuttery take off from stop. I drove it a couple of times and never noticed it myself but owner did take it back to dealer a couple of times. Sorry for the conflicting views on it but bear in mind it was a long time ago, no idea how much they have changed since then. Cheers.
  5. Terryh

    Anyone using Insa Turbo Dakar's?

    Another yes from me. I've ran Dakar's for 3 years now, 265/75/16's. Done about 8000mls and no obvious signs of wear although I haven't measure tread depth. Yes a litlle noisey compared to more road bias tyres but expected that. Fine in dry, no problem for me in wet either. Truck does squirm a bit under heavy braking but par for size of tyre I think?
  6. Terryh

    Defender carpet set

    I used the carpet set from paddocks, fitted fine with a little trimming albeit basic and it does not cover the top of the seat box. http://www.paddockspares.com/tr650-carpet-set-defender-300tdi-with-r380-gearbox.html

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