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  1. I ran a 54plate golf with DSG from new to +80k miles and never had any issues with it. Thought it was a great gbx in auto or flappy paddle mode. Having said that at the same time I knew of an Audi A3 with same gbx/engine combo that suffered at times from delayed/stuttery take off from stop. I drove it a couple of times and never noticed it myself but owner did take it back to dealer a couple of times. Sorry for the conflicting views on it but bear in mind it was a long time ago, no idea how much they have changed since then. Cheers.
  2. Another yes from me. I've ran Dakar's for 3 years now, 265/75/16's. Done about 8000mls and no obvious signs of wear although I haven't measure tread depth. Yes a litlle noisey compared to more road bias tyres but expected that. Fine in dry, no problem for me in wet either. Truck does squirm a bit under heavy braking but par for size of tyre I think?
  3. I used the carpet set from paddocks, fitted fine with a little trimming albeit basic and it does not cover the top of the seat box. http://www.paddockspares.com/tr650-carpet-set-defender-300tdi-with-r380-gearbox.html