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  1. discokev

    What does this plug into?

    I have an 03 td5 auto and it’s not connected either or the black one with it,and there is no problems.
  2. discokev

    2000 disco 2 locked out issue

    If you can open the bonnet check the main feed into the fuse box ,had axact same fault with my 2003 the nut was lose. Best of luck Kev.
  3. This gearbox is electronic mechanical if the pair dont sink it goes into limp mode. Personal experience 2003 td5 auto first switch 30,000M second at 95,000M. Move stick slowly between D N R P see if the lights match stick position at the same time,if theres a delay its the switch. It mite clear if you move the stick back and forward quickly, ignition off. Short term only
  4. It sounds like the xyz switch ,look on eBay sure I've seen recons on there.A lot cheaper than new ones. Kev.
  5. discokev

    EGR blank and removal

    The egr was £25ish from eBay plenty of choice there. The front pipe is I think Land Rover defender TD five Without cat
  6. discokev

    EGR blank and removal

    I did my 03 auto 3 years past, it goes better than ever and more mpg. I would recommend it, no cat no egr well worth 2 or 3 hours work
  7. discokev

    Strange Alarm Issue Disco 2

    Try the main feed cable into the fuse box to rear of battery.My td5 was lose it worked for me with same problems.Best of luck. Kev
  8. discokev

    m and s , limp home mode

    Look at heater box condensation vent it leaks onto xyz switch I had to divert mine.
  9. discokev

    03'TD5 Drivers door lock dilemma !!!!

    I made one out of a 6 inch nail with the dremel its a bit fiddly
  10. discokev

    TD5 automatic oil cooler pipes

    Thanks for the replies fellas, i phoned Rimmerbros on the off chance to see if they could help me and got a result!!! they stock it. The part should be here in a couple of days so ill be studying urban panzers pages to see how its done! Whilst talking about this issue does this happen a lot with TD5 autos cos il get this other pipe repaired rather than be off the road for any length of time.
  11. Help, Whilst returning from a short stay in Northumberland this afternoon one of these pipes as burst off at approx 60 mph. You can imagine my horror at the side of the A1 when i pulled up with no drive on hard shoulder and the nearside of the disco and front of the caravan completely covered in dextron oil. Now ive been recovered and back in sheffield the situation looks a whole lot better mainly because im not getting nagged at,but where can i get these pipes from?.I normally use rimmer bros or paddock spares but they are'nt listed on any of these sites are they dealer parts only?. How long to replace?. Is there anything i should know before i start it. Thanks in anticipation.
  12. discokev

    TD5 Auto won't go

    the td5 has a problem with water from the air con running down onto the gear selecter switch.when mine was removed it was red rusty and damp inside,but only the M&S lights flashed and gear selecter lights did not show the same as the lever. the td5 makes a lot of water in climate control and I had removed the one way valves to stop it wetting the carpets,this made it worse. I hope this gives you a few clues. Kev
  13. discokev

    TD5 Auto won't go

  14. discokev

    Discovery 1996 starting problem

    Ive encounted this problem on 1998 300tdi auto as well,we spent hours fiddling with egr ,edc etc before we eventually sussed it by accident!!!.The easiest way to check to see if its the ignition switch is to put hi/lo diff lock in neutral handbrake on,turn key to start-dont release and select drive this will disengage the starter and if its the ignition switch it will tick over, release the switch and the engine will stop.I just disconnected switch from the barrel and liberaly washed it inside with WD40 and packed it with grease.Hope this helps.Also advancing the pump by a degree or two will help it tickover better when cold.

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