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110 Fuel Filler body parts

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Does anyone know if the body parts associated with the fuel filler on a 110 can be bought separately? I am looking to design and fit a second diesel tank in the passenger side rear quarter panel/wheel arch space and, if possible, would like to replicate the look of the body around the filler as it appears on the driver side of the 110. I've had a look on LRCAT, but cant find the parts - may be looking in the wrong place though.

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I knew I'd seen this somewhere....


I made mine from scratch to fit onto my new quarter....if you're mirroring the OE aperture then you should be able to cut from a template and form the small radius with a hammer and dolly.


I toyed with fitting a hi-cap aperture but it sat the filler neck at the wrong angle however that may not be an issue for an auxiliary tank. This just needs the hole cut and the plastic aperture screws on. Even went as far buying the parts...:blink:

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