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Bulkhead removal bar advice needed (with roof left on)

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Looking for experiences of folk who have done a bulkhead removal bar (full bar type) installation, without removing the roof and side panels. - I had the luxury of fitting one last summer, but I was able to easily take the roof and side panels off. I want to avoid doing that this time if possible.

I'm sure I read somewhere of someone who'd done it successfully, but after searching around I can't find where I read it. I'm just looking for any tips or tricks as to how you go about fixing the side legs to the body capping's...




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Bonjour !

Could have been mee - I fitted this RBRB to the Mrs. Ninety with the sides in.



In plain English : a pain to do it with the sides in places and also a very, very controlled grinding skill is needed. Taking the rear bulkhead out takes time and you need to cover windows and yourself very well as aluminium is not the nicest stuff to attack with a grinder.

This one - said to be a genuine LR verzion ?? - comes very close to the sides and you need to be very careful not taking out to much. Also, fitting some aluminium profiles on the "side boxes" is recommended as it easily splits.. and causes the muds etc. to fly in...

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Hey Arjan, could have been, I can't remember much about it as I thought meh I'll never need to do it that way....

What did you do with the body cappings? it looks like you cut quite a lot of it away on the inside?

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Bonjour Mav,

The RBRB I fitted came in 3 pieces for the interior of the vehicle : 2 uprights (with a spreader plate in the wheel arc) and the multi bended tube that goes across that is bolted to the floor (seat belt mounts) and to the uprights. As you can see on the bottom pictures, the upright sits between the "wheel box" and the rear body capping's. The uprights are bolted vertically to those capping and you need yo drill out some rives. 

The instructions show a simple installation on a loose body without sidepanels etc. Real world fitting with those sides in place is not for the faint hearted.. You need to grind away a lot, drill against rivets and clear the way for the seats to go further back.

I strongly suggest to remove the side for better access.

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I fitted a full bar to my puma. Clicky link

My kit came with welded nuts on the top mount so you would have to drop the bolts in from the top of the capping, to do this you would have to remove the side panels as you say. I drilled out the nuts so that I could poke a nut in between the capping and side panel where the foam is (a normal nyloc fitted fine) and then fitted the bolts from below.

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I fitted one in my 2007, 90.without removing the sides.

As Arjan says cover all the glass,as grinder sparks will mark/pit glass.

I took the front seats & carpets out,then a big clean up with the vac.

Go steady with the grinder,I use 1mm cutting discs.



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