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200tdi Clutch Slave Parts

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Hi Guys,

I have a 200tdi Disco made up for off-road use before I bought it.

I just found out the gearbox box is a R380, this might explain why I Have had to replace the clutch and associate parts 3 times in 2 years.

As the clutch parts I have fitted are for a Lt77 gearbox.

I am looking for the part numbers for the clutch slave cylinder, the slave’s pushrod, and master cylinder, and any information on my gearbox.

My gearbox part number is 55A.0282225J

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4 hours ago, treadlightly said:

Thanks for the info but the site in the link can not

Find the part number FTC9311 for the slave cylinder any ideas?.

Would I also have to replace the other clutch parts like the clutch plate?.

That's because it should be FTC3911 not 9311

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  • 2 years later...

Guys sorry for opening this up again but have similar question.

On my 1994 200TDI disco engine with Lt33 gearbox (fitted on my ex-3.5L Defender) as I am to work on the clutch i want to change master cylinder and slave one.

I see a lot of different versions and going through various threads many alternatives are suggested, based on what I should decide what to pick?


  • TKC2786L

  • FTC2498 

  • FTC5072

  • FTC5202


  • 550732

  • STC100410 

  • STC100411

Thanks a lot!

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