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Part Numbers Request Please


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Hi, I have a 2002 52 Range Rover 4.4 Petrol. I have bought a brand new oil cooler, but want to buy new oil cooler pipes for the gearbox,and any other associated parts for the job.  Please could someone tell me what I need please and the part numbers?


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Use the link I posted, click on the number on the diagram of the part you are interested in and it will open up a box at the bottom of the page with the part number and if you're lucky an english description!

The link is showing item number 7A030 and shows the description and number as UBP000161 - ТРУБКА (TUBE) So the first bit is your part number and the second is a russian description, with handy english translation!!

The trick is to click on the blue numbers on the diagram, and if nothing happens at first wait, as some parts have a lot of options and it takes a while to load them!

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Well sort of, if you're looking for a TUBE you need to type  ТРУБКА  ... my keyboard don't do that.... neither does my brain!!

Anyhow I have found that not every country uses the same term for the same part.. it would be like searching for a bonnet on an American site, or worse looking for a clutch on a French site!

Sometimes it is easier to look at the pictures :rolleyes:

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:rolleyes:They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I have never bothered to read them:lol:

Yep! it's picture first for me too... I think it's a spin off from the early days of using Haynes manuals.. were I discovered that you can do what you needed to do just by looking at the exploded diagram at the beginning of the section and not waste time doing it the Haynes way.. which was normally much more involved:)

Are the good old days.. when the entire wiring diagram was on 2 pages... the last one that I looked at was for an L322 that was about 600 pages :blink:

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