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  1. miggit

    Diesel fuel waxing / gelling

    Many years ago I was working for a recovery company, and the Boss used to make us put a gallon of petrol in with every 20 gallons of diesel.... I never really thought much of it until we had a very sudden cold snap (-22 wind chill and 8" of snow) every diesel in north london waxed up, except ours! We were the only recovery company running diesels, even the AA had waxing troubles! That was a very busy week!! Normally the oil companies add anti freeze to their winter fuel, so they can get it out of the ground and into your tank, so this sort of thing doesn't happen very often.. But every now and then it just gets that little bit too cold!
  2. miggit

    Best night heater?

    ^ are you talking about the Chinese knock off Plunars or the genuine Russian built items? I'd trust the Russian ones... not so sure about the chinese....
  3. miggit

    Best night heater?

    There is a obvious advantage to using the auxiliary tank, you can run it on red diesel, or better still heating oil (even less tax)
  4. miggit

    Goblin Works Garage

    The reason for better brakes when increasing the power of an engine is because of the increase of inertia.... and if you were to sneeze on the loud pedal on a short straight, you'd be glad of the extra stopping power And let's face it there are stupid people out there who think just as badly of people like Diesel Brothers who do stuff like this.. From a mud pluggers point of view, heaven... from an old gits point of view does it come with a lift or ladder??
  5. miggit

    Goblin Works Garage

    Isn't that the drift car abortion that Kahn produced for Shane Lynch?...... There was a time when Rolls Royce would have objected to that, in court.... And I must admit that I had my doubts about the Capri 4 stud setup and the alleged power... and by their own admission they have upped the power by 2.5 times and left the stopping gear as standard, I would suspect that most insurance engineers would not recommend insuring it!
  6. miggit

    Fuel Burning Heater

    With out wading through the wiring diagram for a D3, which I don't have, the only thing that I can refer to is the Range Rover Mk3 (L322) In the rear fuse / relay box there is a plug that you can add remote FBH module to, it just plugs in and operated by a simple on off remote.. This kit from LR is not cheap! But the chaps on the forum soon worked out that you only have to apply +12v to one wire to make the heater fire up by itself... So the UK GSM Relay Controller has has 4 connections in it +12 and -0 (for the power) and the relay side.. this is the remote switch, one bit goes to +12v and the other side goes to the correct wire on the FBH remote plug. There is some sort of setup for the GSM bit that requires calling the unit from your phone, or texting it... but from what I could make out you can set it up to 99 minutes of "on" and get it to send you a status text! What you need is someone who knows the D3, and preferably has added some type of remote to the system... although that bit isn't totally necessary as all you really need to know is where is the plug for the remote and which wire you need to add +12v to, to get the heater to fire up!
  7. miggit

    Fuel Burning Heater

    I'd have thought that something like this would do the trick! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-GSM-Relay-Controller-NO-SIM/401484053955?hash=item5d7a507dc3:g:BNcAAOSwfoNaUSZv
  8. miggit

    Fuel Burning Heater

    You might find this of some use... http://www.fullfatrr.com/forum/topic12516.html There is a way to remotely operate the FBH in the Range Rover L322.. obviously there is the LR remote, but some peeps have done away with this and use a GSM dialer, this means that they can turn on the FBH from anywhere in the world! And from what I gather the Webasto wiring has a single +12v connection requirement to operate it from afar!
  9. miggit

    Egr removal

    The main reason for leaving it all in place, but not working, is to ensure you don't fall foul of the new MOT regulations, until they come into force later this year none of us quite know the implications of removing the EGR system... better to leave it all in place and neutralise it than run the risk of MOT refusal... It could be nothing and we'll all get away with it, but then again if they are looking to remove as many Diesels from the road as possible, I rather get the feeling that it might be strictly enforced.....
  10. miggit

    Egr removal

    I'd have the egr off and clean it up (Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner is fab!) Block the exhaust manifold end of the pipe, but refit it and leave the rest alone. So what if it's opening and closing, there wont be any of that nasty exhaust gas getting in to the engine... As far as I know BMW don't monitor the EGR's performance, so it shouldn't throw up a fault or a light on the dash... well it didn't on my Range Rover, that really liked to light up the dash and shout at you if it wasn't happy! If you're that worried about the valves operation then do as Ally V8 said and insert a ball bearing into the vacuum pipe to block it. But once you blocked the exhaust take off....
  11. miggit

    Diff Ratios Please

    You are right there, but there is a whole raft of different ratios that will fit, Ashcroft's list 8 different ratios in their calculator so it's not impossible to have non-standard ratios in a Landy... I'm going back 30 odd years, and it was way more common to swap diff ratios than play with transfer boxes!
  12. miggit

    Egr removal

    Technically just blanking the exhaust part would do the trick, but I'm not sure if that is possible and leaving the system in place.... There is a new set of MOT regs coming out and it covers emission bypasses, I don't know if that will include EGR's... So the more normal it looks, the less likely you are to have trouble. When I did my TD6 Range Rover L322 I used a bypass that left all the other pipes in their original place, so at a glance it still looked normal. So I think if it was me I'd be looking to just insert a blank into the exhaust and not remove any of the pipe work! Technically you wont get as much free flow air as one of the bypass kits, but you wont get any less than standard, and it will be clean!
  13. miggit

    Best night heater?

    Strangely enough, when you look at the fleabay "Planar" heaters and compare them with Planar UK and Russia they are totally different.... They must do a special limited edition fleabay special... I suspect that Planar was the most likely manufacturer not to take legal action... they probably just send Borris around for a chat
  14. miggit

    Best recovery option?

    I can see why there are drawbacks to recovering off the axles, especially done badly... but surely if the vehicle is stuck, it will ultimately be the axles holding it fast, unless it's a series that's hung up on the gearbox crossmember.... If you're going to be using snatch recovery then it needs to be a really solid point(s). One of the many botched recoveries I've watched recently, the 4x4 lost it's axle despite being pulled on the chassis... the axle dug in and the car was ripped off it. Anything can happen, but it's best to try and undo what got you stuck, ie. backup!
  15. miggit

    Goblin Works Garage

    Although some peep's get a wee bit carried away......

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