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bulkhead holes for windscreen hinges defender 1987


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hello all , 

first time here, been reading al over , great forum .


i hope someone can help me out , i have my bulkhead rewelded (floors, top corners etc ..) but i'm not sure if the location for the windscreen hinges is correct .

i attached a picture were i draw a few lines for mesurements . can someone have a look on there own bulkhead and see if these are correct ?

the top hole is 17 mm from the top of bulkhead (center of hole) and 37 mm from the side

botom hole is 55 mm from the top and 35 from the side.

the left hand side is a little different:

top hole 17 mm from top of bulkhead  and 35 mm from side 

botom hole is 56 mm from top and 35 from side.



greetings from the netherlands



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thanks for the replay , i don't have extra hinges to try and fit them , the bulkhead is a spare that i'm going to change when everything is fixed , galvanised and painted ...


so the hinges and windscreen are stil on the car 

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Ok, had a measure off my rebuilt one which I made a jig to capture key points from the OE, so mine is as close to the original as my rudimentary engineering skills can muster...

Sides taken as looking from rear (as you will be LHD?)

left side: 17mm from top, 36mm in. 57mm from top, 37mm in.

right side: 17mm from top, 35mm in. 58mm from top, 36mm in.

So, almost the same as yours. I only have 8mm holes in mine for the later type one piece hinge blocks although it should be a larger hole similar to yours.

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scotts90 , 


thanks for the measurement , now i know it should fit .

next step is welding the steering bracket (the welder forgot to change the side of it (used to be a RHD , now converted tot LHD))


then it's to the galvanizing company

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