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SWB 10 inch brakes snail cam kit fitting?


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Has anyone fitted the replacement snail cam set from EAC? RTC3176?

To standard SWB rear brake back plates?

I've the Britpart instructions and I don't trust them.

When I disassembled the Spring was on the outside of the backplate, but the instructions say - inside of backplate.






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One back plate done.

I wasn't confident that I knew which way around the snail was to be fitted so I striped the front hub to check.


Went well in the end, the little screw pulled the can on to the pivot easily enough.

One more to do and done.




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What’s the quality like on The aftermarket snail adjusters? They are 1/10 the price of the genuine land rover items. I don’t mind paying for the genuine Land Rover items but if the quality isn’t much greater than the aftermarket items I don’t see the point. Thoughts anyone? 

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I didn't know there were genuine?

These are by EAC, who have always been good. The set up is different, but the parts feel well made. I'll spray them with wax before I finish, they should last a good while.

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