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Brake wire issue

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I'd greatly appreciate some sense checking please.... 🙂

Coming down in Brazzaville, Congo about 9 years ago the brake fuse blew every time I pressed the brake.
Seemed the wire through the chassis was shorting.
So my mechanic mate ran a wire from the brake servo, into the dash firewall and straight down the inside of the landy and plugged it in there to a standard LR 3 way splitter and the brakes have worked ever since.
If for any reason I accidentally cut that wire (as I did doing internal remodelling for example) the brakes didn't work until I fixed it.

Finally today I decided to replace it ( I have the dash out etc) and it took a very angry and frustrating hour to run some wire into some cable protect and thread it along the top of the chassis and around/through all of the extras I have under there (rear wing fuel tank was really in the way).
On the brake servo side of the new wire I added an inline fuse and put in a 10amp fuse.
At the back the grey rubber wire connector/splitter (grey rubber thing with 3 bullet female connecters on each end) was tired and the connectors were a bit loose, so I replaced it and carefully replicated what was plugged into where. Other than the fuse and the new wire splitter its exactly the same as the old one...

Of course it didn't work, no break lights ;-(

I checked all of the connections and they seemed fine.... I used thicker cable could that be a problem?
I assume the cable should go to the fuse box, fuse, and then another cable down into the rear wiring harness?
Any thoughts appreciated 😉

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it's a simple circuit - the brake switch has two spades, one is live, the other runs to the brake light. Pressing the pedal bridges the two. So with a multimeter check you have live at one spade, and the other goes live when pedal depressed. Then follow the wire back checking again at the multiplug.

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