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Vapour build Thor V8 auto into 88inch

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This would be a long way off. As am still finishing my 90 and want to use and enjoy that before throwing more money and time at another’s project.


i have a 88inch series with 3.5 carb V8 and series 2 box and no synchro. I love the engine but I’m  not a fan of the gearbox or steering. Would like a nicer gearbox and maybe put power steering on. 

My D2 2001 V8 i think is coming to the end of its life. It could go on for another year with a few jobsdoing but in reality once my defender is on the road  it is surplus to requirements. It is probably worth circa £1k or less.

is it feasible to put the Thor V8 and box into the series? I know some say it is too long in a swb but is it? If the slam panel stays in its original place but rad moved as far forward as possible would it fit.

can the Thor be run simply without too much electronics/management system?

Gearbox is electronic but it does seem a lot better that a standard box in that you can lock it in gear and also torque converter lock up in 3rd and 4th. It would be hard to encorporate so probably better with a Disco 1 box

Any thoughts or wisdoms appreciated

Do I keep the engine and box and break the disco or just get shot of it when the time comes.

i should probably just focus on one project at a time





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I reckon it's doable, you've got both vehicles kicking around so invest in a tape measure and see what you can see! There's certainly a lot of space to be gained in the front of a Series if you trim the slam panel / crossmember and keep the rad + fan combo slim.

You can run a 4.0 on carbs easy enough but you're throwing a fair bit of advantage away - and with no distributor you'll need something to run the ignition side anyway...

I don't know how "smart" the D2 box is, I thought someone ( @Bowie69 ?) had worked out the signalling and it's only 3 or 4 wires to actuate solenoids in the right order.

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Yeah it is just 2 wires for the gears, one for lockup and one for the gearbox pressure, the thing the kickdown cable woudl do on a manual box.

It's not a complex thing to do to make a diy shift controller, either with Megashift or one of the Arduino-type efforts.

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