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Which stainless exhaust - 200tdi 90


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I have decided to give my 90 a little love as it is generally low on power after 190k miles. It had an engine rebuild 15k miles ago as the water pump went, pumped all the water out, cracked the head and damaged pistons....water level sensor now fitted!! What I didn't do was touch the injectors/pump or turbo. All of which I intend to recondition.

I also plan to fit an Allisport full width intercooler and improved flow exhaust to improve things some more - it is tiresome being over taken by Artics on the dual carriageway when towing a trailer!

I have already removed the centre box with a straight through pipe


2 questions - is a Stainless exhaust going to help with performance, reduce EGT's etc or am I wasting my money?


If I do buy one, which one? Griffin want £528, Double S want £580 - both with no centre box. I also found this from Famous Four which seems to have the SS logo for £360 inc vat?! Are there other options?




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I've got a double SS on my 90 2-3 years old, its horrible, poorly manufactured, mild steel flanges and pretty noddy kinks and bends - and not to mention its a weird hybrid system between a 200tdi and a DT exhaust - within the first week I had to cut the back box open to remove the muffler material as it was rattling and driving me insane.

They where happy to fix it but at my cost. not really acceptable, wont be going back to them again.

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